Take a Tour of a London Flat With a Light Bohemian Style

Gia Lulic
by Gia Lulic

I’m so excited to introduce you to a friend of mine with you today and share her flat tour in London. If bohemian interior design is your thing, I’m confident that you will feel inspired by this beautiful London flat. Let’s get started with our tour.

London flat

I bought this flat about four and a half years ago. It was in a completely different state than what it is currently. So where we are at the moment is a bedroom that overlooks the street.

Hanging planter by the window

That didn't really make sense to me because I felt like this should be the living room because of the windows.

Living area

It's a one-bedroom apartment with only about 450 square feet.

Large living and dining space
London park

However, I can have eight to ten people in this living room quite comfortably, which is really nice.

I've been living in London my whole life, and I've been living in this area, in particular, for about four and a half years.

People in the park

This area is amazing. It’s a cross-section of all these different areas, and I can walk to Upper Street in Islington in about 20 minutes.

Well-connected area

Highbury is like five minutes away. Church Street is about ten minutes away and you've got Dalston about ten minutes away as well.

Park outside the apartment

It's a really nice spot that is very natural with lots of green space.

Nightlife in Dalston

And if you want the crazy lifestyle, such as the nightlife of Dalston, that's around the corner too. And yeah, I absolutely love it. It's so well-connected.

Big windows

I would say the whole vision for this apartment started because of the windows.

Neutral, minimalist kitchen

I have an amazing architect on board named Pablo Sanchez Lopez, and he designed the whole space. The only brief I gave him is that I wanted it to be quite minimalist but soulful at the same time.

White walls and high ceilings

I also wanted to maintain the integrity of the building because it's an old Victorian building with high ceilings, so something that would work with that.

In terms of interiors, I love white because I find it really calming and peaceful, but I also wanted to add a bit of character and soul to that.

Bohemian light style

I guess my style is kind of bohemian light.

Fluffy stool

I bought this stool about five years ago.

Inexpensive yellow sofa

And then the sofa, to be honest, is an inexpensive piece that I just love.

Artwork from the Saatchi Gallery

But then the art piece is from a designer that I got from the Saatchi Gallery.

Vintage lamp

The lamp over there is vintage. I think it's probably like forty years old.

Large, bright windows

My favorite part of the apartment is probably the windows. And from the bedroom, there's a certain angle through which you can kind of see that window. It's like a nice through line.

Japanese soaking tub

I also love the bathroom. There wasn't a lot of space, but I really wanted a bathtub. And so I've got a Japanese soaking tub put in, which is like a small bathtub that's really deep. I love that.

We had to be a bit innovative in our thinking because there wasn't that much space and how do you maximize space so that it still feels social, and has everything that you need?

Desk with laptop

For the bedroom, I really wanted a clean white space and it's still quite a small space, especially after we put the fitted wardrobes in to really brighten it up and give it the illusion of being bigger than what it actually is.

Small bedroom

It's about having mirrors on the wall where the bed is facing, and that gives the illusion that the space is much bigger. It's quite nice having mirrors there when you're getting ready, and it's full length. Every girl needs them.

Living room with plants

You can't have too many plants either. They really warm up the space, they purify the air, and they give you that sense of well-being.

Palm-inspired plant

I have a palm-inspired plant.

Banana tree

And the bigger one is a banana tree.

Standing desk

It's important to figure out how to make the space work for you, and because I lived in the space as it was previously, for a while, I could see what needed to be changed.

Flat owner and her dog

One was getting a bigger living room so that I have more space to socialize with my friends over. Storage in a small space is key. While this was getting renovated, I moved to a place that was a two to three-bedroom home. And I was surprised when I moved back in here, how much more storage I have here than I did there.

London flat tour

The bohemian design I’ve incorporated throughout my London flat gave each of my spaces a fresh new look and made my home feel a lot more welcoming to guests.

What bohemian-style pieces caught your eye? Share what you enjoy most about my home in the comments section below.

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  • Andi Andi on Feb 24, 2024
    Love the bohemian style ,that dead plant in the window could do with some TLC tho.