Take a Tour of a London House Filled With Colorful Home Decor

Gia Lulic
by Gia Lulic

Sit back and relax as Sophie takes us through her delightfully colorful South London family home. Her fun, uplifting, and eclectic personality is perfectly reflected in this cozy abode.

The home is a result of Sophie and her husband Marco's DIY project over the last two years, creating a magical place for their little daughter Misty:

This is my little Victorian terrace, where I have used colorful home decor to express my personality. Upon entering, visitors often feel transported to another world and are curious about the inspiration and process behind my design choices.

Colorful home decor tour

In this house, my personality shines through with a delightful blend of eclectic, colorful, and slightly quirky elements. Think pink, disco balls, skateboards, neons – it's all here. My goal was to create a whimsical dream house, a place that exudes pure fun.

The journey into this decor extravaganza began during lockdown when the house felt dreary, and my inspiration draws partly from my mother's penchant for organizing her own space with vintage knick-knacks and cookbooks.

Let's explore the different rooms:

Colorful kitchen


This is my favorite room, flooded with sunlight and boasting a fantastic disco ball. It's where I work, film, and spend most of my time.

Vibrant decor in the kitchen

The vibrant energy here is unbeatable.

Mismatching cups and mugs

That's why I like it; I always add to it and just make it crazy.

Hallway with an artsy black and white motif


What I love about the house is when you enter the hall that I did myself, I am always reminded of the inspiration. Inspired by Rihanna's "Rude Boy" video and Keith Haring's art, I designed the hall with a striking black-and-white motif. It sets a powerful tone for the entire house.

Hallways inspired by Keith Haring's art
Dining room table

Dining room

A unique blend of a pew, black-painted OSB table, cinema chairs, and black cushions came together in an unexpected but delightful way.

Young girl's bedroom

Misty’s bedroom

The main room for me, and I found it therapeutic to design, was Misty's bedroom. I knew she loved purple and pink, and the wallpaper I found was perfect.

Mermaid-themed decor

I used Mermaid-themed decor, because she loves mermaids, added fresh paint over the boring white walls, and new carpets brought the room to life.

Garden with barley decor


Our garden embraces a barley theme, complete with parasols, lanterns, and tropical plants. It’s so hot out there, it's an amazing sun trap, and we're really lucky to have a south-facing garden. Tropical plants do very well out here. It's a sun-soaked paradise, thanks in part to my friend's concrete slabs, which found a new home here.

Kids' creative area

Misty’s creative area

I have a little corner of the kitchen that is Misty's creative area. It’s a dedicated space for Misty to eat, read, and play with her beads, making the most of our small home's layout. Each area of our home has a purpose, utilizing the space beautifully.

Play area for a kid

I created this area for her because she got to an age where she just needs a little space.

Eclectic bathroom


We were lucky with the bathroom because it was done; it was one of the house's selling points for me, which was to have a nice bathroom.

Dalmatian pattern wallpaper in the bathroom

I had bought some tiles to cover the floor over, but once I had done the wall with the dalmatian pattern, surprisingly, the original floor turned out to be a perfect fit.

Front door with dreamy eye pattern
Vinyl on the front door windows


The doorway of dreams. The doorway is painted pink and adorned with iVinyl from Get Kooky, making it a favorite among Instagram followers.

Maximalist decor
Quirky and colorful home styling

For those seeking to infuse life and personality into their own spaces, consider these tips: Look at things differently, focus on styling, embrace maximalism, and add elements like disco balls, plants, and pink neon to brighten up any room.

Colorful home decor tour

I hope you've enjoyed this tour of my colorful home decor. How have you added a touch of color and personality to your own home? Share your ideas and inspiration in the comments below!

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