Minimalist Christmas Tree

Today, we are talking all about minimalist Christmas tree decor. I'm going to go over seven different ideas that you can use to create a minimalist look for your Christmas tree this year. Before we get to the ideas, you need something to cover the base of your tree.

Whether you have an artificial or a real tree, you need something super friendly; just use a throw blanket you already have on hand. Just simply wrap it around. Or my favorite is a tree collar.

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minimalist christmas tree, Neutral Christmas tree basket base
Neutral Christmas tree basket base

1. Neutral Christmas tree base

I am going to be using a tree collar for my styling. I like this woven style to add a bit of extra texture and create a basket look. It's also neutral and will go with any decor you choose.

minimalist christmas tree, Bare Christmas tree
Bare Christmas tree

2. Keep the tree completely bare

No lights, no ornaments, no nothing, and then just your tree collar or tree skirt, whatever you chose down below. So, I have an artificial tree here. I love this tree. I love that it's got a natural look. It's not too uniform, not too full, and I just think it looks really, really pretty, especially bare and minimal like this.

minimalist christmas tree, Christmas tree with lights
Christmas tree with lights

3. Add just lights

While I love the naked tree look, I just feel like it's not Christmas without a little bit of twinkle.

That is idea number two: having a bare tree with just lights. If you like the cozy feel, this look could even be kept up past Christmas, well into January and February. This doesn't scream Christmas. If it's artificial, of course, you could easily have the tree up with just lights on it and keep it up all winter long, and I think it would be really pretty.

Because I'm trying to keep it minimal, I didn't go overboard with too many lights. I just have two strands here, but here's a little tip, especially if you have little kiddos.

minimalist christmas tree, Colored Christmas tree lights
Colored Christmas tree lights

These specific lights can change from all white to colored. I like this option because I love the white look, but sometimes it's fun to have a little bit of color too.

minimalist christmas tree, Minimal Christmas tree topper
Minimal Christmas tree topper

4. Choose a minimal tree topper

I like this woven star that I found at TJ Maxx. It gives you a little bit of texture, but it's still light and airy, and I feel like it finishes the look, especially if you're going with just the lights in a pretty bare tree. A minimal tree topper will really bring it all together.

minimalist christmas tree, Decorating a Christmas tree with flameless candles
Decorating a Christmas tree with flameless candles

5. Create a vintage vibe with LED flameless candles

These flameless candles come on a strand, and it has a clicker with a ton of different options. It has a timer, and you can change the temperature of the light as well as put a flashing mode on.

These flameless candles look a little more realistic. Each candle comes with a little clip. So you clip it right onto your tree, and then you wrap the strand around your tree just like a regular strand of lights.

minimalist christmas tree, Flameless candles on a Christmas tree
Flameless candles on a Christmas tree

Here's what the candles would look like if you didn't have other string lights on there. It's a minimal, pretty look.

I kind of like this one, too; I can't decide.

minimalist christmas tree, Adding pine cones to the Christmas tree
Adding pine cones to the Christmas tree

6. Add pine cones to your tree

Adding a handful of pine cones can make such a big difference in how your tree looks, especially a minimal tree. I love the woodsy vibe it gives, and you can get them free from your backyard if you have pine trees near you, or you can get a little tree bundle from Amazon or your nearest decor store as well.

minimalist christmas tree, Minimalist Christmas tree with a burlap ribbon garland
Minimalist Christmas tree with a burlap ribbon garland

7. Use simple ribbon as garland

Ribbon is a simple way that you can dress up your tree, but still keep it minimal with no ornaments. I chose this burlap-style ribbon. I believe I got it from Hobby Lobby a few years ago. However, I love that it's neutral, still gives you some texture, is really pretty, and you can use whatever color, whatever texture ribbon you want and instantly make your tree just a little bit prettier.

minimalist christmas tree, Christmas tree with beaded garlands
Christmas tree with beaded garlands

If you don't have ribbon or you want to try something different, I had this garland hanging right next to my tree, which gave me the idea, but you can use any garland you find as well.

There's a beaded garland, some pretty felt garlands, or you can make a DIY orange slice garland and add that to your tree with or without the ribbon.

minimalist christmas tree, Christmas tree with ball style ornaments
Christmas tree with ball-style ornaments

8. Use only ball-style ornaments

I like to get a variety pack of a similar color, but they come in different color hues and different textures. So I start with one option and I put those all around the tree in a sporadic pattern, not too close together, and then switch to a different color in the set. This makes it easy not to put too many ornaments that are the same right next to each other and get a good spread across the entire tree.

I love using these variety packs, and I chose this one in kind of a gold champagne color, but of course, you could choose whatever colors you want, and you could mix it up and do a ton of different colors or all of the same color.

By using just the ball-style ornaments, it still gives you that minimal vibe.

minimalist christmas tree, Minimalist Christmas tree
Minimalist Christmas tree

There you have it: eight different ideas you can use to create minimalist Christmas tree decor.

Minimalist Christmas tree

Of course, you can mix and match your minimalist Christmas tree decor like I did here. I've got some lights and ornaments and a tree topper.

Leave a comment below to help me decide which way to go with lighting. What do you like better? Just the candles or candles with a little bit of extra lights?

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    I can't decide which I like because they are all stunning! I love the topper with the fairy lights. I might go for this combination this year.I would never have thought to keep the tree bare, but it screams elegance! Merry Christmas everyone.