How to Style Winter Decor After Christmas

I cleared off my hutch, did a little dusting, and now I am not sure how I am going to change up the shelves quite yet. My goal this time of year is always to put out some winter decor after Christmas, so I am pulling out all of the winter home decor pieces that I have and starting to come up with a plan.

Follow along as I share my favorite winter decorating ideas and arrange my after-Christmas decor.

Winter decor

These are the items that I have pulled out for my winter decor.

Winter decor items

I do not know if I am going to use all of them or just part of them, but we will see how it goes.

Rae Dunn vase


On the top of the hutch, I added my Rae Dunn vase. I turned it around since it says farm fresh on the other side, and I did not want that displayed at this time.

Greenery, ironstone, and a little bit of wood detail

I have added some greenery, ironstone, and a little bit of wood detail to the hutch. I think that is all I am going to do at the moment.

Neutral items make my hutch look fresh and clean

This is the time I like to let my house sort of breathe, prepare for spring, and get ready for spring cleaning. So I just added a few neutral items to my hutch to make it look fresh and clean.

Entryway decor


Now over in the entryway area, the arches that were previously there remain on the wall.

Winter entryway decor with birchwood logs

I added a little green wreath to the hooks and a farmhouse-style pillow and throw blanket. I left the birch wood in the crock with some greenery and added my ivy plant on the little stand there next to the bench.

Console table with demijohn jars

Console table

For my console table, I have cleaned it all off, dusted it, and put my demijohn jars back on top. I have spring florals to go in them, but I am going to wait and add the spring florals in them when the time is right.

After-Christmas winter decorating ideas

The baskets remain underneath the console table. I simply added some greenery to them, basically some ivy that I had on hand. I wanted to keep out the little winter pillow along with the black and white throw blanket.

After-Christmas winter decorating ideas

It’s easy to get wrapped up with the holidays themselves, but there are plenty of great after Christmas winter decorating ideas that can help your home feel cozy during the coldest months of the year.

Get creative and experiment with winter decor after Christmas has passed. By coming up with a theme, moving existing items around your home, and finding new items to add to your collection.

Share your plans for decorating this winter in the comments section that follows.

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