How to Style Winter Decor After Christmas in Your Living Room

Every year when the Christmas holidays are over, I feel like I am still sweeping up glitter months after the fact. With all that extra cleaning to do, it makes sense that I would want to choose winter living room decor that stays relevant for the rest of the season, so I don’t have to decorate time and time again.

So today, I’m showing you my winter decor after Christmas has ended in the hopes that it teaches you how to decorate after Christmas without adding so much time and effort to your plate.

Wondering how to decorate after the Christmas holiday has passed? Here are my top 23 winter living room ideas. May decorating after Christmas become less of a burden for you each year as it has for me.

Gold lanterns

1. Gold lanterns

I have lanterns that you see me placing here under the television. I had those up for Christmas, so I decided to keep them out. I'm on a mission to enjoy my decor pieces longer and not change things quite so often.

Positioning the candleholders

2. Candleholders

I also have these beautiful candleholders. I got them from either Ross or HomeGoods and we're going to use those today as well.

Gold lanterns with lamb's ear

3. Florals

I added some beautiful florals to them. I really love lamb’s ear so I was sure to include that here.

Gold apothecary jar

4. Apothecary jar

Next, I'm going to bring out this beautiful apothecary jar. This came as a set of three I got on HSN years ago. They are discontinued, but it's a beautiful set.

Wooden beads in the apothecary jar

5. Wooden beads

I'm just going to take my wooden beads out too. I got these from Hobby Lobby in natural wood then I spray-painted them gold.

Gold mirror box

6. Gold box

Then I'm going to bring out my beautiful gold mirror box. I picked this up at HomeGoods. I have two of them, in fact, and you'll see the other one in just a moment.

Decorated TV stand

Here is the decorated TV stand now that it’s complete.

Tall bird decor

7. Tall birds

Moving on to this other table, I'm bringing out my tall birds. I picked these up at HomeGoods about three years ago.

Ceiling fan turned bowl

8. Bowl

Next, I'm going to bring out this bowl. This is actually the bottom part of a ceiling fan. When the ceiling fan went out, I could not throw this part away. I absolutely love the vintage color and the detail of it. So we're going to be using it here today for this little vignette.

Blessed sign

9. Blessed sign

Next up is my blessed sign from HomeGoods. I use this in decorating a lot. It kind of goes from room to room and this time, I’m adding lambs ear to it.

Adding frosted pine cones

10. Frosted pine cones

Adding in another element of winter, I'm going to attach the frosted pine cones that I picked up at HomeGoods.

Winter owl

11. Winter owl

I'm also going to bring out this winter owl that I got from Hobby Lobby last year.

Completed winter vignette

Here is the finished product.

Glass decor

12. Glass decor

To style my end table, I have this glass decor piece from HomeGoods. I love how uniquely shaped it is. I just think that it's an elegant and beautiful piece of decor.

Family photos

It looks nice with our family photos.

Large gold tray

13. Large gold tray

Moving on to the coffee table styling, I'm going to bring out the tray that I got from Tuesday Morning.

Mirror box and pine cones

I am also adding the larger of the two mirror boxes that I have and more of my frosted pine cones.

Adding winter owls lamb's ear

Then, we're going to bring out some more of the winter owls and lamb’s ear.

Small gold tray

14. Small gold tray

I am now placing the small gold tray on top of the larger one.

Winter coffee table styling

15. Candles

Lastly, I'm going to add these two beautiful candles to the small gold tray and my last winter owl. I love the candles because they pull on that kind of gray-beige color that is on the carpet there.

Decorative ladder

16. Ladder

In the corner, I am setting up my homemade ladder which was made from the sticks in my yard. After my brother-in-law assembled it for me, I spray-painted it gold.

Tasseled throw blankets

17. Tasseled throw blankets

To style the ladder, I am adding several folded throw blankets to it.

Beaded garland

18. Beaded garland

Lastly, I added a beaded garland to the top.

Rustic wagon

19. Wagon

I love the rusticness of my wagon so I use it for decor purposes all the time.

Wooden bowl on top of a wagon

20. Wooden bowl

On top of the wagon, I set my wooden bowl, which is another perfect element of winter because it brings in texture.

Lit wreath and candle

21. Lit wreath

In the evening, I decided to add a lit wreath and a candle to add more warmth to the decor.

Furry throw blanket

22. Furry throw blanket

Speaking of winter elements, I’m adding this furry throw blanket on the couch.

Patina lantern

23. Patina lantern

A patina lantern completes the look.

Throw with a lantern on top

Here is what it looks like from across the room at night.

Winter living room decor

Winter living room ideas

This is my winter refresh in the living room. I absolutely love the ambiance that it gives.

Winter living room decor

Once you have some after-Christmas winter decorating ideas at your disposal it becomes far easier to select items that can stay in place for months to come.

Remember, winter decor after Christmas shouldn’t be as time-consuming to put up or take down as the large amounts of holiday items you typically set out each year. What have you learned from the tips I’ve shared today? Let me know in the comments section.

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  • Beth Halleran Beth Halleran on Feb 08, 2024
    Absolutely stunning! I thought of doing a natural stick ladder years ago ...yours is gorgeous. Thank you for your blog!
  • Patty Patty on Feb 11, 2024
    What is rusticness? Love the owls.