11 After-Christmas Winter Decorating Ideas For Cozy Vibes

Join me today as we add lots of cozy winter decor to our family room. If you haven’t packed away all of your holiday decorations just yet, now is your chance to check out the after-Christmas winter decorating ideas I have in store for you.

My whole strategy for choosing winter decor after Christmas is to transition to more of a cozy winter vibe with less holiday influence than before. I’m excited to show you how to decorate after Christmas while staying seasonally appropriate. Let’s get started.

Ready to find some fun winter living room ideas for your home? Here are my favorite tips for decorating after Christmas.

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1. Bookcases

I love symmetry. I have to have balance and usually, what I do in one set of bookcases I will do in the other set.

Let's start on the top shelf first. I thought I'd bring back my canisters. Two of them are filled with book pages that I rolled up and taped. Then, I have a couple of empty ones for seasonal accessories.

I thought it would be fun to bring back these little foam balls because they look like snow.

The top shelf is now complete.

On the next shelf, I thought I'd add in a few of these snow-covered trees along with a little house.

Because I love symmetry, I'll add two more little snow-covered trees on the other side.

Now, let's add some books to the third shelf. I get mine from Goodwill in colors that suit either the season or the style I'm going for. For this look, I'm going to alternate green and white and then hold them in place with a simple corbel bookend.

Beside the books, I'm going to add a little stack of plates, a plate stand, and one of these adorable deer plates.

Then on the bottom shelf, I'm adding this basket and a throw. I love the texture and the tassel detail.

After that, I'll repeat the whole process on the other side of the bookcase.

2. TV stand

On each side of the TV stand, I am adding a taller snow-covered tree and a lantern for a bit of ambiance.

3. Sofa Table

I brought this white deer down from our bedroom. He originally had a big bow on him, but I removed it since it was a little too Christmassy. I need to embellish him just a little bit, so I am going to look for a little wreath or a jingle bell collar.

To each side, I'm going to bring two of these trees in. I love their snowy branches, which create an easy and whimsical winter look.

4. Sofa

Now, let's cozy up the sofa by adding a faux fur runner, pillows, and a throw.

5. Accent Chairs

Next, I'm going to add the same pillows over on the accent chairs.

6. Ottoman

To cozy up the ottoman, I'm going to place this throw really loosely or messily on top. It matches the one that's on the sofa.

7. Fireplace

Now, let's do something over on the fireplace. I'm keeping the canvas that was there, but I think I'm going to layer a piece in front of it.

This deer print I've had for a few years, but you see what I mean about how small it is. If I had it up there by itself, I feel like it would get lost. So I've layered the canvas behind it, and I feel like it makes it work.

Now, here's another option. I flipped the canvas so that it was vertical versus horizontal and then layered the deer print in front of it. I feel like this might visually work a little bit better.

Now I'm going to add in a little bit of winter greenery and battery-operated candles.

Then, for just a little bit of whimsy, how about we add this garland back in? This was in another room for Christmas, but it will tie in with the snowballs that I added to the canisters in the bookcases.

Down below, I'm going to bring back the same chair I had here for Christmas. I have the same throw on it, however the pillow I had here before had a cute little Christmas tree on it.

So I'm going to flip it around because I love this pillow here. It's the perfect size, and I love that it looks like a dropcloth.

8. Walls

To continue the winter theme around the walls, I'm bringing back these prints. I had them in our foyer last year.

9. Peg rack

To the peg rack, I'm going to add two white throws and then a gray and white one right in the middle. Then I'll just repeat the process on the other side.

10. Coffee table

The first thing I'm going to do to style the coffee table is to add this ceramic tray with a dishcloth right on top. I'm a big fan of adding dishcloths everywhere in your house. They're not just for the kitchen.

Next, I’ll add a couple of books and candles.

Now, for a little bit of winter greenery and whimsy, I’ll add a wreath and a bowl full of sparkly decorative balls.

11. Floor

One last addition of a basket with a throw and pillow set on the floor, and I think I’m done.

Just for fun, let's look at what the room used to look like when it was a blank slate.

Here is what it looks like now.

Winter living room decor

Thanks so much for joining me today. I am confident that the after-Christmas winter decorating ideas I’ve shared with you can easily translate to any home environment, helping you create a cozy winter vibe of your own.

By carefully choosing winter living room decor that you love, you can create a warm, soft, whimsical glow in your living room space and enjoy it for months to come. What is your top advice for decorating after Christmas? Share your expertise down below.

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