Take a Tour of This Spring Farmhouse-Inspired Single Wide

I have a spring farmhouse tour to share with y'all today. I am so thrilled to introduce Becca from Single Wide for 6 sharing her beautiful, cozy home for spring.

She has been here many times before, and I'm thrilled to have her back. You are going to love her antique farmhouse-inspired mobile home, so let’s get started on this impressive farmhouse tour.

Hey guys, welcome to our home. I'm Becca from Single Wide for 6 and today, I'm going to be taking you on another tour of our single-wide. Our mobile home is only a thousand square feet, so it's pretty small. Let’s check it out.

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Pantry area

First, I want to point out our pantry. The door does open all the way even with the hutch being placed there. I would show you but I don’t want anyone to be jealous of my organizational skills, so I’m not going to do that today.

Sink area

Moving over to the sink area, I used to have ironstone and white dishes up there on that shelf, but I recently swapped it out for green Pyrex and added some little herbs up there as well.

Space left by the dishwasher

This is the other side of my kitchen. I am going to take a step back over here and show you guys where our dishwasher came out. We've had very bad luck with dishwashers in the past, and we recently had a brand new one that stopped working again.

Since I was washing dishes by hand anyway, I decided to pull the thing out and use the space for extra storage.

Curtains made from tea towels
Curtain to hide the storage area

I put a table under there and have my appliances stored on top of it now. I put a curtain up to hide everything but it's a little long and I don't like the way it hangs on the floor, so I will probably shorten it.

In the past, I added some tea towels that I ordered from Amazon and created a curtain for under the sink by stapling them to the inside of the doors. That way if I decide that I'm done with the curtains, it will be easy to remove them.

Hanging ladder with baskets

Here is my hanging ladder with baskets.

Open cabinet with mason jars

Over there is my open cabinet with dry goods in mason jars.

Dresser buffet

That is my dresser buffet area. I just got that sheep tray that's up on the shelf there from Cotton and Crete.

Tray on the table with spring accents

I also have some mint on the table. I love fresh herbs so when they start coming out in the grocery store, I always buy tons of them. I like having a plant in the middle of the table, and if it is herbs, then the cat doesn't mess with it.

Dining area

We decided to get a smaller table so we found one we liked at the thrift store, sanded it down, and painted it. It was really cheap.

Dining table with a piano bench

We have the same piano bench on the side of the table that we had before, but we got two antique desk chairs and I thought, why don't I just put those at the end of the table? They are very comfortable. I need to get pads for them, or cushions, but I like having them.

Mat under the table

I got a new mat for under the table too from the V-MAT store. I really recommend getting one of these durable rugs because they make cleanup easy.

Green cabinet

Now, my cabinet over here was white, but I just decided that I wanted green for a little pop of color. So we went to Home Depot and got this paint. It is Behr Secret Meadow, and I really love it. I think it looks so pretty and it changes the look of the house.

Green coffee table on a rug

While we're on that subject, I also went kind of crazy and decided I needed a green coffee table too. The rug in there matches the green accents.

Wall art

Moving on to the living room, we have a couple of new things going on here. I have some new artwork.

Stack of suitcases with a watering can

Plus, I have a stack of suitcases and trunks and a new watering can that is also from Cotton and Crete. I put some baby's breath in there for decoration.

Awning over the TV

Do you know what else is from Cotton and Crete? This pretty awning. I love it over the TV because if you stand back it looks like a gallery wall and the TV is not so stark looking.

Check, striped, and plain pillowcases

I also got some new pillowcases from Amazon.

Sewing machine table

We needed a little bit of extra storage, so I added a curtain under my sewing machine table. Now I can put some extra buckets under there and store more beans and rice because I like to buy that stuff in bulk.

TEa cart

Lastly, this is my tea cart that I love.

Farmhouse tour

The farmhouse spring decor in this home is just plain perfect. What did you love most? Share your first impression of this spring farmhouse tour in the comments section down below.

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  • Lyn9724785 Lyn9724785 on Feb 23, 2024
    She is gifted in providing space for their needs. However, I couldn't feel comfortable as there is just too much "stuff" around. Perhaps they need a shed to store many items until they are needed inside.
  • Katherine McKamey Katherine McKamey on Mar 23, 2024
    Love it!!