Decorating My Home With Farmhouse Spring Decor

Are you ready for some farmhouse spring decor? Today, we're going to be in my entry area. And I'm going to share my living room as well. I have some new items I'm sharing for the spring season and some new furniture. I'm excited about seeing you.

Spring entryway with a Farm Charm sign


Here is my entryway; I have my arches on the wall just above my bench. Everything you see here, except the vintage crock, has come from Hobby Lobby. The pillow cover was from Amazon, and I have the little farmhouse-style buffalo check rug at my front door.

Tree in a vintage crock

Over here in the vintage crock, I purchased a tree from Hobby Lobby.

Wreaths on the church windows

I also have the wreaths that I picked from Hobby Lobby online.

When I go into the store and look in the wreath area, I get so overwhelmed that I can't decide. So, I have found that shopping online at Hobby Lobby gives me a clearer vision of what I'm looking for. So I got a couple of these little wreaths. These are new, with little white berries or beads highlighting them in the green.

Basket decor
Crock with tulips

The Farm Charm sign above the bench, the hooks, and that basket were all from Hobby Lobby.

I love the woven texture of it. The other little basket hanging there came from Amazon; I made some homemade cloth fabric tulips last year.

Below that is another little plant stand and the bunnies from Hobby Lobby.

The crock was a vintage find, and I added some tulips.

Over on the bench is just a little watering can. I had it in my last home, and then the throw blanket in the mint green was from Amazon. I placed the yellow flowers in a little watering can.

Spring console table

Console table

So let's go ahead and move over here to my console table that sits behind my sofa. So when you enter the entrance, you see my bench, and behind the sofa, you see my console table. Now I leave the woven baskets; They stay under there permanently.

That's where I like them, and I haven't changed too much. I just added a different blanket for the spring. I left the spread on top of the console I had placed there for the winter. I like how it brightens that up because it is like a dark brownish gray on the top, which brightens it up for the spring.

Rabbit and cloche with terra cotta planters

I have some new items, like the rabbit. It's not concrete, but it looks like a concrete rabbit. Then I have the little seedling terracotta planters in the cloche.

Living room

Moving over to my living room area is more of my farmhouse spring decor.

Door with a yellow buffalo check valance

You can see those yellow buffalo check valances that I have hung up there for the spring at my back door. I love the bright and airy color that it brings.

The lantern hanging on the wall has a little faux candle battery-operated candle.

I have kept my drapes up there. I've thought about changing them out, but I'm just going to clean them for the spring and hang them back up for this year.

Table with spring decor

Over here is the little table my husband's grandfather made in 1942.

We just cherished that, love the color of the wood, and I have his grandfather's bible on that table, along with a creamer with some white tulips. The little bunny and the tall skinny lamp came from Hobby Lobby quite a few years ago.

Fireplace with a wicker basket full of flowers


Now, moving over to my fireplace, I've added a wicker basket and some spring florals I added in there. We have our fireplace cleaned up for the spring.

We spray some scrubbing bubbles, scrub it up just a little, and wipe it down with many paper towels. Now that's the birch wood that I put in there for the spring and the summer, and then, in the fall, we'll take that out and start burning some natural wood.

Over on the little riser are some candles and a dough bowl behind. Some little keys are hanging there, and over there is a little sign, Home Sweet Home, on the mantel.

Demi jars with white florals and twigs

I left my demi jars and added some white florals to the twigs I had in there for the winter.

The little birds are still there. I left the mirror because I like how it looks up there, and I think I will leave it as a permanent piece.

On the mantel is the clock my husband had made for me, and I put it on the mantel along with three little candlesticks and the little short candles.

TV console decor for spring

Over here on my TV stand, I just added some bunnies, some greenery, and my little faith sign, a home sign.

I didn't change anything over here in my tall lantern. It still has the two battery-operated candles in those candlesticks I got.

New end tables

New furniture

My two new pieces of furniture are my end tables. They do match my console table. At the bottom, I just decided to leave some odd and end black pieces I had that will show up under there.

I love how these all come together in my living room area. Those are the two new vases that I got this year. I added some greenery called asparagus stems.

I placed them in each of those, and I love the texture. Those are pillow covers on my sofa over my pillows. I love the little window box pattern on those and wanted something just light and bright for spring.

Comfy throw blanket over a sofa

The throw blanket was one that I thrifted at a yard sale for three dollars, and I love that it has the boxed weave to it, so I just added that.

Wood and natural vases

On the other table, besides those lamps, I added just a few of the little wood, natural-looking vases I got a few years ago, and underneath, I just added a little bunny for spring.

Farmhouse spring decor

The distressed picture frame was one that I thrifted from Goodwill many years ago, and I am just now getting it out. Just behind it is just a little riser with a hurricane lamp in black so that it makes a statement under there.

Farmhouse spring decor

This is all the farmhouse spring decor in my entryway and living room. How are you decorating for spring? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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  • Marlies Marlies on Mar 01, 2024
    Lov how you decorated for Spring! How did you make the fabric tulips?