Classic Christmas Decorations For Your Hutch, Table & Tree

I love decorating simply in my home. I go by the less is more concept, if you will, instead of setting up elaborate scenes, like glitzy Christmas table decorations or over-the-top outdoor displays.

So today, we're going to be hitting up a few of the key elements I use each year. To do this, I'm going to decorate my hutch, create a simple tablescape, and decorate a Christmas tree for you to enjoy.

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Christmas hutch decor

1. Christmas hutch decor

I have a ton of really pretty vintage and thrifted home decor that I love putting in my hutch, so plenty of great pieces are going in there this holiday season. This is kind of my specialty area where I like to put some of my favorite pieces in to serve as Christmas decorations in the dining room.

Brass horn and thrifted bowls

First, I have this brass horn that I found at a vintage market over the fall, and I’m stacking it here with some thrifted bowls. For the most part, I’m including items that I discovered second-hand.

Mini Christmas trees

I do have a couple of new things in here as well, like these trees from Target and books that I purchased a while back.

Decorating a hutch for Christmas

What I like to do when it comes to decorating my hutch is to layer things and have like items scattered throughout, so it all looks cohesive and well put together.

Using pipes as Christmas decor

Along with the brass horn that I found at the vintage market, my next favorite thing in this hutch are these pipes. I actually bought these from my mother-in-law. She was selling them, and I just knew that they would be perfect for Christmas decor. So I bought those from her last year for around $5 for the set of three.

Jingle bells displayed in a bowl

I think my hutch turned out beautiful this year. It has simple pops of green and berries with accents of brass that I'm doing throughout my home this year, and I think it all just came together really well.

Thrifted sled as Christmas decor

On the side of the hutch, I always like to add something a little extra to make it look a little more complete, so again, I have a thrifted sled here that was gifted to me.

Evergreen garland with pine cones

I'm also going to be adding some garland to it as well. This is a garland that I had left over from last year. It came from Walmart.

Brass bells from a vintage market

I bought these brass bells at a vintage market this past weekend too. By tying the bells to the garland and hanging the garland on the sled, I think it is the perfect touch of Christmas.

Christmas table decor

2. Christmas table decor

My theme when it comes to tablescaping for Christmas is to keep it very simple for everyday practical use. To accomplish this, I am layering a few different table runners.

Jute table runner

I have my jute table runner, which is an oversized table runner that I purchased from the Hearth & Hand line.

Green-striped runner

On top of that, I'm layering a green-striped runner since I really like a layered look.

Round charcuterie board as a Christmas centerpiece base

As far as Christmas centerpieces go, I usually start with a simple base. This year, I’m taking a round charcuterie board and placing an arrangement on top of it.

Thrifted crock on a centerpiece base

I'm using a thrifted crock that I found for $12 a couple of years ago. Next, I’m adding a greenery bundle from Hobby Lobby. I bought that when it was 60% off, and I believe I purchased it for around $8. Then, for a pop of red, I stuck in some berries. They make sweet and simple Christmas table decor.

Adding a candle to the centerpiece display

To finish off the look, I'm placing a $5 candle from Target in the center.

Christmas tree in the corner

3. Christmas tree decor

Next up, we are going to be decorating the tree. This is actually our older tree that we've had for several years now, and it fills in the corner nicely.

Twinkle lights on a Christmas tree

I am adding some twinkle lights because I don't have an outlet over here.

Swag with pine, pine cones, and red velvet ribbon

On the wall behind it, I hung a swag and tied some red velvet ribbon.

Decorated Christmas tree

Then, I decided to add a few ornaments over here just because this corner was pretty bare, and I don't have a very big dining room. I have some matte red ornaments that I purchased from Hobby Lobby this year and some green velvet ornaments that I purchased from Amazon.

They're gorgeous, and I placed them sporadically throughout the tree. I didn't want it to look full of ornaments at all. I wanted to have those simple pops of red and green velvet that add a little bit of character to the tree.

Using a basket as a Christmas tree base

I'm really loving the accent of the basket with a blanket hanging out in the dining room as well. I think it kind of completes the look I’m going for.

Thrifted chair with a blanket and pillow

As far as the other side of the dining room, I have my thrifted chair along with another blanket and a pillow.

Classic Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

When it comes to decorating a small space for any holiday, and specifically for Christmas, it seems like most people like to go all out. But if you are like me and you like to create a less is more concept, know that it is very easy to accomplish.

You don’t have to load up every inch of your home or take your Christmas table decorations to a whole new level. You can make a home feel Christmassy with the simplest of touches. How do you like to decorate your home? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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    I tend to go all out with my Christmas decorating, but not so much as to completely overwhelm! I like to decorate the inside of my kitchen cabinets, and any other little corner I can find 😊 Here's a few pics of my decor........
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