5 Luxury Bedroom Design Ideas: What Makes Good Design?

Casa Chaps
by Casa Chaps

I will review five bedrooms to give you luxury bedroom design ideas. I hope you will learn what makes a good design and what doesn't. Let's get right into it.

1. Small space with a sloped ceiling

Most of us are living in small spaces. I thought this design gave an interesting perspective on how to deal with a small space. One thing that I appreciate in the design is the designer's color palette. The dominant color is green, but the designer chose a complementary color of green and red, and I thought this was an exciting choice.

Green, on the other hand, evokes a feeling of peace, serenity, calm, and tranquility, and this works perfectly in a bedroom because it evokes that feeling of calm at the end of the day. Some studies have proven that green is one of the most relaxing colors. However, paired with red, this combination maintains some interest in the space because green alone would otherwise be too flat or dull.

The complementary color palette works beautifully in this bedroom

Other elements that introduce warmth into the space are the stool by the bed and the rattan lamp. It is perfect and introduces some essential natural materials in a space. Adding these curtains adds some vertical lines, which the room needs, and it almost makes you feel as if you don't notice the sloping ceilings on the other side.

2. Relaxed luxury

This next design gives luxurious vibes but at the same time relaxed. Firstly, I want to talk about those curtains. I love the color that she used for it.

It's white, so it keeps that airy feeling that the whole space is giving, but at the same time, these curtains will still allow some relative amount of light into the space, so they don't block out that natural lighting. I like using a black curtain rod because this provides some contrast.

I also love how the designer incorporated the space's architectural details within her overall design. Those wooden beams may not have the same tone as everything else in the space. Still, they work well together because they are light-colored, and everything else she used within his face is also light-colored, even the wooden materials.

I also love the attention to small details.

The designer has those wooden beads on the lamp, which go together with the rug that the bed is sitting on, and this is a very nice way of ensuring that the space remains harmonious and consistent. I see a lot of textures on the bed, including subtle curtains that fit into the whole scheme, and I think she executed this design to the dot.

3. Floral style

The showstopper in this bedroom is the wallpaper. The designer went for a floral motif that incorporates some nature, some birds, some trees, and some flowers, and I think it goes well in the room because, as far as I can see, it seems as if the ceilings are very high and so when you have such a distinct and strong print like the one that it has, you also want to have enough space for the print to breathe or else it will make the room feel smaller.

I like the subtle use of contrast but with high impact.

For example, the curtain rod is black, and the vertical rods on the poster bed are also black, which are very subtle details. Imagine what this design would look like if the roads were white. They would blend in.

One important element that this designer did not forget was incorporating extra seating in a bedroom. You don't always want to sit on your bed, and he put on this comfortable sofa. I also love its traditional vibe, which ties in nicely with the space.

4. Rustic design

The following design differs from what I've seen before but is beautiful. It gives some rustic vibes, especially with the architectural details of the ceiling and the antique frame she used on the wall. I like this designer because she incorporated some asymmetrical symmetry, at least from the point of view of the picture.

As you can see, she has a beautiful black vase, and in this vase, she has a green branch, but on the bottom, she has a blue pouch, and these two colors are complementary.

They also have different visual waves. You can see the lovely play of symmetrical symmetry there, which I find pretty interesting and beautiful.

This design is intriguing because she's using many interior design styles here.

I would say 80 % of the design is probably rustic. At the same time, the shape and style of the sofa are not rustic. Firstly, it is blue, and the style is low-profile, which reminds me of contemporary.

I also like the choice of the lamp that she used. It's not stealing away attention from the rustic details on the ceiling, but at the same time, it has its presence subtly.

Another detail I noticed is that she has a rug on the floor, providing texture and comfort to the feet as you walk into your bedroom. This is a very luxurious feeling that you want to feel when you're in there.

5. Child's bedroom

The last bedroom we will be considering today is quite impressive. At first glance, you could easily not tell that it is a child's bedroom, which makes it a great design.

You don't want a children's bedroom to scream children's bedroom. You don't want them to look immature and childish, but rather, you want the space to be young, fresh, and timeless because you don't want the child to switch up the design every few years as they are growing up.

I love how she uses shapes and forms to introduce some playfulness into the space, and the most exciting way she did that was with those tall lamps with that beautiful scalloped shape.

They're also rattan, introducing much-needed warmth into the space.

If you take a look at the bed, you will see that there are a lot of textures that have some frills and some scallops. The use of colors is timeless so all the parent has to do when the child doesn't like something is switch out some bedding or some small elements, but the base of the design remains the same.

Luxury bedroom design ideas

These luxury bedroom design ideas incorporate easily replicated elements in your bedroom. Which design is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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