How to Use Navy Blue Decor in Your Living Room Design

Blue is a lot of people's favorite color and navy blue decor is becoming a classic. Blue is a great color and from the study of color psychology, blue is viewed as a non-threatening, conservative, and traditional color. It brings a feeling of calmness, serenity, and orderliness.

Navy blue is a shade of blue and it is a bold, solid color, but it's not as scary as black can be. True navy blue color can be so dark that it will pass for black, however.

Follow along as I'll show you how to create a beautiful space with navy blue. Navy is considered neutral because it goes with many colors. So here are some colors you can mix with navy blue to make it pop.

Navy blue and white

Combo 1 Navy blue and white

This is an easy and timeless combination. It can never go wrong. It has a calming and welcoming feel. You can include navy blue and white in your interior in many ways, but we'll see that shortly.

Navy blue and gold

Combo 2 Navy blue and gold

A touch of gold in your space instantly makes your space look expensive. Navy blue and gold is a timeless luxury combination. If you're not sure of how to mix gold and navy blue, start small and keep it simple.

Navy blue and yellow
Navy blue and yellow or mustard

Combo 3 Navy blue and yellow or mustard

This is a very trendy combination that’s catching on. I’ve had many requests recently for sofas in this color mix.

Navy blue and pink decor
Navy blue and pink

Combo 4 Navy blue and pink

This is another amazing combination. Pink is said to be a young or feminine color but there are ways you can use it in a space so that grownups and those who prefer more masculine looks will feel comfortable.

Navy blue and brown decor
Navy blue and brown

Combo 5 Navy blue and brown

Navy blue and brown can be very tricky and very dramatic. If you need to use brown in your space, make sure the brown is a little bit lighter than the navy blue. Select the one that appeals to you and use different shades of brown for some variety.

More Tips

These are just a few colors that work well with navy blue. There are so many other colors that will work perfectly with navy blue. So how can you include navy blue into your living room design? Here are some tips:

Navy blue accent wall
Paint your walls blue or design an accent wall

Tip 1 Paint your walls blue or design an accent wall

Blue is a solid color that absorbs light. So be mindful when painting your entire wall blue. It is safer to create an accent wall. That way you can create balance.

Tip 2 Design a navy blue sofa or furniture

Just imagine how a navy blue tufted suede sofa shimmers, how it pops with other colors. This is an excellent way to add navy blue into your space.

Navy blue rug example 1
Navy blue rug example 2

Tip 3 Use a navy blue rug

Navy area rugs are becoming so popular because they go well with any kind of flooring and any type of wall. They're also available in different patterns and shades and designs.

Navy blue accessories, paintings, and wall decorations

Tip 4 Add in blue accessories, paintings, and wall decoration

Navy blue wall decors tend to work perfectly on lighter walls. So if you're painting your wall navy blue, you may want to use gold or some other lighter shade of accessories.

Navy blue ottoman

Tip 5 Choose a small piece of navy furniture

If you are scared of using a lot of navy blue in your space, get a pouf or an accent chair. A navy blue pouf will pop in a space mixed with any of the colors earlier mentioned.

Monochrome navy blue decor

Tip 6 Go monochrome

You can create a monochrome design with navy blue. If you're not sure of what color to select for your new space, it is safe to go monochrome. To create this, you need to combine multiple tints and shades of blue to make this work and create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere with harmony.

Navy blue decor

That’s a lot of info on how to use navy blue in interior design. What’s your favorite color that goes with navy blue? If there's something you think we need to add to this list or other colors that go with navy blue, please drop it in the comments section.

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  • Allison Gomez Allison Gomez on Jan 07, 2024
    My bedroom is navy and brown with cream accents. Accent pillow on bed is mustard. It feels like a warm hug in there and everyone comments how cozy it is. Highly recommend the combo.
  • Chriss Chriss on Jan 08, 2024
    Almost every room in my house is navy blue and white! My kitchen has bright yellow curtains and accents. The garage that was built is navy and white and it matches the trim on my house. I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on this color combination for my home! And the colors are so relaxing….now I enjoy staying home!