How to Style Simple & Neutral Spring Decorations in a Living Space

I'm so glad you're here to see the spring decorations I'm using to freshen my boys' room decor. Come decorate for spring with me as I go through my home, adding some final touches.

I have had many things for years and have loved throughout my home in many different places, but I am adding new pieces.

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Living room before decorating
Room before decorating

This is what the room looked like before spring decorating.

Side table

I'll start on this side table. It does not need much.

Switching out pampas grass for faux greenery

I'm going to switch out my pampas grass with these faux green stems.

They are light and airy and look like they are just budding here in the first months of spring, and that will transform this vase just with that one change. It just screams spring.

Decorating a side table
Ottoman stool with a tray

The rest I’m using from my normal decor stash.


I will move on to this stool that serves as a coffee table and additional seating. Let's be honest: My boys will probably move all this off of here because they like to kick up their feet here and relax while entertaining their friends or playing video games.

Styled tray

The Better Homes and Garden planter is new this season. I got it in the gardening section at Walmart. I have had and loved everything else on the tray for years.

Bending floral stems to shorten them

A trick for your greenery and flowers when you don't want to cut the stems is to bend them gently and then secure them with rubber bands.

I loosely arranged these in this planter and then added a white wooden chain link. I will keep the two pillows I always have in this space.

Bunny pillow

I decided to move this bunny pillow up from my family room to tie in and complete the space and give it a nice spring look.

Wall unit shelves

We're going to move along to this hanging wall unit. I originally put this up for my Nutcracker collection at Christmas but decided to leave it here.

Wall unit shelves with wall art

This lovely picture I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby right after the first of the year will cover a spot with chipped paint.

Silver circular hoop on a wooden base

I had this silver circular hoop on a wooden base that I'd put beside it. It can be challenging to style this shelf because it is very narrow, so everything has to be shallow and fit.

Little topiary plant and candlestick

The little topiary plant is from Hobby Lobby, and I added a Dollar Tree candlestick.

I'm just putting this sage green candle in it and setting it up in front of the picture. All these items together give you different textures, heights, and layers.

Watercolor landscape and woven decor piece

I will add this watercolor landscape picture on the bottom shelf, and then a woven piece that is a wall hanging.

You could also use it as a tray, but it's from Hobby Lobby this spring season. I liked the texture, the color, and the fact that it carried that circular shape from the top shelf down to the bottom. It helps soften all of the harsh 90-degree angles of the other decor, as does this little faux plant, and it ties in all the colors nicely.

Gold candle and plant

I had this gold candle that was too pretty to burn.

I have it around for decor. I will add that here because I love to mix silver and gold when decorating. This little farmhouse was part of a set I got at Christmas, and I'm keeping it out here to add a little sweet touch to the shelf.

Faux plant in a concrete planter

I had this faux plant in a concrete planter. It is meant to hang, but I will tuck the hangers behind it where you don't see it and then set it up on the top so the greenery drapes down.

Cabinet decor

Terracotta plant tray under a lamp

I will use a terracotta plant tray for the top of this cabinet. This came from the garden section at Walmart and was very economical. I will use it to anchor the lamp so it doesn't seem to float on the table.

Gold candlestick

Next to that, I'm going to add a gold candlestick.

Faux peonies in an old candle holder

This sweet little arrangement is some faux peonies, and the vase is an old candle holder.

I cleaned out the inside and put my faux stems in there, and it is perfect; it turns into something that would otherwise be usable as home decor.

Bunny driving a carrot car

I picked up this little bunny rabbit driving the carrot car last year at TJ Maxx. I love him, all the glitter on him. I'm going to set him up here in this little vignette.

Adding a battery-powered candle to the candlestick

I have a battery-powered candle that I will place on the golden candlestick.

Hall area

Hall area

This little area is visible across from my boys' game room, and I wanted to add some extra special touches here.

Using a book as a base for a planter

I'm taking a book that I removed the dust jacket from, and am placing it as a base for this Walmart planter. I picked this up this season in the garden section. It has a rough sandpaper texture to it and is just perfect.

Faux boxwood plant

Also, I found these faux boxwood plants from Walmart several seasons ago. They have a little bit of shimmer and glitter on them. I like that they give texture, depth, and color, and they arrange really nicely in this planter.

Long tray candleholder

The final piece is another candle holder that is simply too pretty to burn.

Living room with spring decorations

I am very pleased with how this space turned out. I love the layers of color, texture, depth, and the differences in height. It just makes everything pleasing to the eye.

Spring decorations

My goal was to inspire you to create a beautiful space with spring decorations in your own home. How will you be decorating for spring? Share your plans in the comments below,

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