Neutral Summer Living Room Decor & Styling Ideas

Today, we are working on summer living room decor. I am decorating my living room - keeping it super simple and neutral. Instead of going out and buying new things, I decided to use what I had already. I found a couple of new pieces to incorporate into my summer decorating for my living room, but they were super affordable.

Before we get started, I will go ahead and show you the things we will be using to get this living room looking fresh and light for summer.

Okay, one of the first things I want to show is a super affordable faux ficus tree from Amazon.

I did have an olive tree here, but I decided to remove that. I still wanted to fill this space with something green and give it more life here in this corner. The trunk of this tree is very realistic, and the greenery is also pretty.

This clock is a clearance find from Target that I've had for a couple of years now. It's a staple there, so that will be staying there.

A few other things we will be using are this little arrangement that I made and some book boxes.

These are pieces that I found at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. They have these all year round.

I like to keep remotes inside here.

I will put this on our coffee table and then add a little bit more dimension and some texture for a little more visual interest,

I have a candle holder with a ring handle, and I love it because of the ring there. I think that's a classy and timeless look, and I plan to stack these two together on the coffee table.

I have a tray there that I'm going to be using.

It is simple to place together on your coffee table and make a little vignette. I love it especially for summer because it has a wicker-like rattan look, and it has handles on it as well.

Another little arrangement that I put together is with this distressed vase.

This is also from Hobby Lobby. Inside, I have some very wispy-looking greenery picks that I got second-hand.

This is the other book box from Hobby Lobby.

The colors are beautiful. It's a very decorative, pretty piece to style on a table while still useful.

Another new piece I will use on top of our hall tree is this little rustic art from Hobby Lobby.

I think this is so pretty. I found this on clearance for $4.99

I have my black candlesticks and some brown and ivory pillows that I've used in the past. Some of them are pillow covers. I also have some neutral throw blankets. I love using pillows and blankets to complete a space and make it warm and welcoming.

The next piece I have is this little scalloped wooden bowl that looks like a flower, which I love.

I'm planning to put it on our console table. I will put a candle on the inside to elevate the space.

Next, I want to show you a thrifted, adorable little plant. I think there is some type of herb in this little terracotta pot, and it looks like it has real dirt in there, which I always love whenever it comes to finding plants.

I try to get them as realistic as I possibly can. I'm just placing this on the opposite side of our fireplace mantle and adding a little pop of green there.

Last but not least is this vase I bought from Hobby Lobby a while ago.

It is a large vase, which I've added picks to. They have very lifelike greenery, and the stems are also very lifelike. I love those large statement arrangements and putting something together like this.

Now, let's use all these pieces to decorate my living room for summer.

I placed the ficus tree in a black wooden planter. The planter change gave it a fresh, new look.

Regarding the fireplace mantel, I'm simply taking that little herb planter and placing it there for a little pop of color. I like that the terracotta pops off of the brick.

Moving along to the hall tree. I will take that clearance picture from Hobby Lobby and layering in a few faux plants and candlesticks.

Then, on the other side, I will be using more black candlesticks with battery-operated candles. I'm taking a faux plant and placing it between the candles to add more greenery.

For the coffee table, I'm going to be layering in some pieces. I have that tray that is thrifted. I also have that hydrangea arrangement. I am placing our remote in the book box. This keeps your remotes hidden if you don't like them just hanging out and about.

I am keeping the console table very simple. This console table has a couple of shelves, but I don't like to put anything on there because it just looks too cluttered. On top of that, I have some thrifted books and another thrifted plant. I will take another large arrangement and place it in front of the shiplap wall on the table. I love how the green and the

vase just like pop from the Shiplap

I will also take that wooden bowl and place a candle on top of that.

The last little area I have is an entryway. I have a bench here where I will place a pillow and some magazines. I also have a little fern wreath hanging on there.

My living room is ready for summer.

Summer living room decor

That's my summer living room decor, which gets me in the mood for the upcoming summer season. We will have a lot of fun around the house and doing things with friends and family this summer. Let me know in the comments what you have planned for this summer.

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