My Thrifted Neutral Home Decor Collection & How to Style It

When it came to decorating my home for summer, I wanted to stick with neutral home decor. I incorporated a lot of greenery and an earthy palette. I have added small touches of color in various rooms.

Living room

In my living room, I also included touches of blue. I decided to decorate the top of my hall tree a little bit by my fireplace and a couple of accent walls as well.

We love a good DIY project, so in our living room, we DIY'd our brick fireplace. It is actually brick as a brick veneer.

We also DIYed our shiplap walls and another accent wall. A lot of the pieces in my home are thrifted.

Another area in my living room that I like to focus on is the main seating area. I typically like to change out pillows and blankets and things along those lines, and I added some blues to my living room.

Accent walls

This accent wall is one of my favorite decorations.

We completed this probably four or five years ago now.

It was one of the first projects we completed when we moved into this house, and we've switched up a few things here and there, but overall, the mirror in the center always stays, and then I do like to change out these black window panes every season.

So, this is what I usually keep up for spring and summer. These came from Hobby Lobby last year. I always like to have a statement arrangement.

For summer, I keep it light and fresh with a little bit of greenery.

Another accent wall that we completed a couple of years ago is this entryway accent wall.

We have it by our back door, and all we did was some painting, a little bit of wood added to the wall, and then some hooks as well, and then I added some thrifted pieces and a few pillows that are pillow covers from Hobby Lobby. This is a wall that I really like, and I want to change it out simply for the season. For summer, I just kept it light with greenery and then added some touches of blue.

Dining room

This is another room that I decided to decorate for summer, but I did not add any blue tones to this room like I did for my living room. I stuck with neutral and earth-tone colors, so there were lots of wood tones, some whites and ivories, and greenery.

The area that I decorated in my dining room is my hutch.

The hutch, the tree next to the hutch, and almost everything inside of the hutch is all thrifted. I got a lot of these pieces over time. Another area that I decorated in my dining room is a simple tablescape on my dining room table.

Corner nooks

I also have a couple of little corner nooks in this room, so I decided to add some little pops of summer.

This area is one of the corner nooks that I was talking about in the dining room.

I have a thrifted table and a little thrifted wooden riser with a target plant on top. On the wall, right above the table, I have a Hobby Lobby clearance wall art piece. I have one of those pictures on either side of the living room entry.

In the opposite corner, I have another thrifted piece.

This is a thrifted swivel chair that I found recently for $45 at my local thrift store. I just kept this simple by adding a brighter pillow.

The white cutout in the wall with the bar stools below was another DIY project that we completed several years ago.


The third and final room that I decorated for summer is our kitchen. With the kitchen, I just kept it simple and very practical. There are a couple of areas that I did focus on, specifically with summer decor, but it's kept neutral.

One of the areas that I focused on was the kitchen towel rack on the side of the cabinets.

I also have a picnic basket that I decorated for the top of our refrigerator. I kept the kitchen practical because we are in here every single day, and we cook the majority of our meals here.

In the summertime, we are also in and out of the kitchen all the time because we also like to grill outside a lot, so keeping things less cluttered and having everything within arm's reach that we need on a daily basis was my goal.

A lot of the items that you will see in the kitchen are thrifted, and I have a few that are from Target as well.

Everything in this area, aside from the floral arrangement and this striped pitcher, are thrifted items. Those other two pieces are from Target. Every season, I like to switch out my kitchen towels.

This is the picnic basket I was talking about that I put on top of the fridge.

I thrifted the picnic basket last year, and then I ended up making a little arrangement next to the stove. This is just for a touch of greenery and to bring a little bit of life into the space.

Neutral decor for every season

I try to stick with a neutral decor palette, but for each season, I will add an extra touch of color.

For spring, I wanted to incorporate greens and blues, and I did the exact same thing for summer.

In the fall, I will take away my greenery and add oranges, maroons, and all of the pretty fall colors.

How to style neutral home decor

I hope I've given you inspiration for using neutral home decor to decorate for each season. It's versatile and doesn't require a complete overhaul of your decor when the season changes. Do you use neutral tones in your decorating style? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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