Take a Tour of This Designer's "Eclectic Glam" Living Room


I'm excited to have you here for an eclectic, glam living room tour. I'm standing in one of my favorite rooms in my home, my living room. This is a new construction townhome that was built in 2019, and new construction means starting a design from scratch.

I'm an event designer, and when I started to design my home, I used the same method I would use when designing an event.

First, I think about the vibe that I would like to experience when I walk into that particular room. I ponder on the color combinations, the aesthetics, and the feel. I would say that my interior design style is a bit of eclectic glam and mid-century modern.

Blue velvet sofa with throw pillows

Velvet sofa

This sofa is my favorite piece of furniture in my entire house. I love its tufted back and rounded edges, and I chose the color blue because it is so calming. Texture and fabric are also important to me, and I wanted to add this velvet piece to the living room because velvet exudes opulence. Once I fell in love with this sofa, I designed my living room around it.

Wall art with symmetrical mirrors

Accent pieces

I knew that it would be the statement of this room. I added these pillows for a pop of color and contrast. When I think of pillows, I think of fine jewelry, pieces you will continue to love for years. Above the sofa, I added two mirrors and an oversized canvas to fill the wall.

These mirrors were meant to be hung horizontally, but I did not like the look at all. So, of course, I switched the mirrors so they were hung vertically. I love designing with mirrors because they create an illusion of space and add light to any room.

Velvet drapes

Velvet drapes

Once this area was completed, I added my drapes. I believe adding velvet drapes is the trick to making any space feel luxurious.

Once I decided on my fabric, I knew I wanted a pop of color to contrast my blue sofa, and what better hue than this caramel-colored fabric?

Live plants in a bay window

Live plants

Moving into my house, I did not realize I had a green thumb, but I do. I utilize the space by the bay window by adding many live plants. Tropical plants are obviously my favorite.

Adding an ottoman between them made me feel like I had a personal hideaway.

I wanted to add a vibrant area rug, and on one of my many HomeGoods runs, I saw this rug and immediately fell in love. I knew it would be the perfect addition to this space.

Colorful rug
Coffee tablescape

Coffee table

Because the rug is so colorful, it called for a simple coffee table. This black frame glass coffee table was a perfect canvas for creating my coffee tablescape.

A chic coffee tablescape is key to expressing yourself through your space. I love all things black, including our culture and history, and you'll see it reflected in the books that I have as a part of the layout for my table, along with other trinkets I found at various flea markets and other black-owned businesses.

Accent chairs with throw pillows

I wanted accent chairs that would complement the blue sofa, and I wanted them to have different upholstery, so I went with this caramel-colored leather.

I added two throw pillows to each chair with a traditional African mass print that I found.

Circular shelf unit

On the wall next to the chairs I have a unique shelf unit to hold my treasures.

Energy nook in a living room

Energy nook

Last but not least is my energy nook, which is probably my favorite space in the house. This little corner was plain before sprucing it up a bit. I thought about what I wanted to do in this nook, and three ideas stuck out to me. I wanted to reflect, recharge, and relax. I wanted a place where I could meditate, honor my ancestors, and pray.

Wallpaper with a palm design
Blue mirror frame against palm wallpaper
Wall decor, palm wallpaper, and live plants

I started with a backdrop of palm leaf wallpaper, added this blue mirror that was gifted to me, and added a few canvas pictures that tied into the vibe of the space.

Plant leaf

Of course, I added some sturdy plants in this space, so on Saturday mornings, when I can get a moment for myself, I sit here, gaze out the window, have a cup of coffee, and relax.

This nook definitely serves its purpose.

Eclectic glam living room

That's about it for my eclectic glam living room tour. I truly hope that you enjoyed this living room tour. It was an enjoyable project that took time because I wanted to make sure that every piece and every item I added to my living room I loved for years to come. I wanted this space to reflect all parts of me and to be timeless.

Do you have an eclectic glam design style in your home? What have you done to achieve it? Share your ideas and designs in the comments below.

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