Take a Tour of This Antique Home Decor Collector's Small Home

I am so thrilled because today we are sharing a beautiful, stunning, and amazing stylist named Jenn from Down Shiloh Road! Jenn is best known for her stunning ways of taking her collections of antiques and styling them absolutely stunning in her small home. I am so excited that we get to tour her home here today:

I am Jenn from Down Shiloh Road, and I'm so happy to be here to show you how you can display collections in a small space.

One thing you'll notice right away about my house is that I am a collector, and my house is small, so we're just doing the living room and our little dining space in there, as well as the kitchen.

You will see that you can definitely collect in a small space.

Staple collections

When you first come into my house, you will see this possum belly table and a collection of crocks, and you'll see scales throughout my house. That's one of the things I consider to be a staple collection. If you are going to think about collecting anything in your home, scales should be one of them, as well as crocks or crates.

Another big staple piece is ironstone pieces.

Here, you'll see this open shelving that's all decked out in Ironstone, and then next to it, you'll see my collection of old spoons. I do not leave Ironstone here all year. I spread Ironstone out throughout the house. Sometimes, I'll have a collection of birdhouses or a collection of old thermoses, just depending on the season or what time of year it is.

You'll see there is an old chippy cabinet I got in West Virginia. My favorite books are antique old books. That is another staple collection that I think is fantastic if you're getting into collecting.

Living room

I'm going to scan across the living room to come over to this area.

This is my antique pie safe in my collection of picnic baskets.

Picnic baskets are a fun collection in a small home because you can also use them as storage. My picnic baskets pretty much have all of my linens inside them. So, any napkins I have, any tablecloths I like to use it; they're all stored there. And then you'll see a lot of small shopmakers like my barn quilt there throughout the house.

When we go into the living room space, one thing you'll notice right off the bat is this big black hutch.

The next thing you'll notice is my sifter wall. I have collected sifters for years, and they have been one of my favorite things to collect.

I finally decided one day, I would make a gallery wall out of them and use them as artwork.

So, if you have any big pieces like that and you put them together on a wall, it really makes a statement. In this corner, there is more Ironstone, and then on a half wall, I like to keep my marmalade jars.

When you come here, across from my sifter wall is another gallery wall of antique pieces, and then, of course, I change out the garland and the signs and things like the snowshoes, depending on the season.

Vintage baby crib

This corner was always tricky to style, so I found this old baby crib, and we use it as just like a little reading nook now. I like to shove it full of pillows and blankets to fit whatever season that I'm in. Right now, the house is still decorated with a cozy winter decor look, so you'll notice I have a mini blanket wall over here. And then, I use a lot of textured pillows and candles, winter greens, and little twinkle lights.

Dining area

This takes you into my tiny little dining area, and if you notice, I would like to add interest to the house by adding corbels to make it look older. These are not even actual old corbels; they are made by a girl who makes all my corbels at home.

When you walk into the dining area, I have this pedestal table that I got super cheap on the Facebook marketplace for 40 dollars.

It even still has the old wooden caster wheels on the bottom. It has character, so I've just left it that way.

Behind it, you'll see an old pew that I painted with milk paint, so it had a chippy look to it.

This little spot here is an entryway spot where I hung old farm feeders at the top. I always like to hang seasonal items underneath it there.


Every curtain in my house is just made out of drop painter cloth, drop cloth, so that's like, for years, I didn't even have curtains in my house, so I finally decided on some, and I love those. They're so easy to use and so cheap, so I use them.


This kitchen has gone through an extensive makeover in the last couple of years. We painted all of the cabinets that are just builder grade that used to be an oak color, and now they have ] an antique look to them. We added new hardware and then new wooden tops from Ikea.

You'll see that I have a breadboard as a hanging shelf that we just hung from the ceilings, and I like to decorate that with seasonal items as well.

The island also had builder-grade cabinets that we added shiplap to and, again, corbels. We also added a shiplap backsplash.


As you travel throughout my home, you will notice, like I said, a lot of collections.

One of my favorite things is the piggy cutting boards.

My newest one is a little white chippy one. I also love the crock bowls with the picket fence design.

Another thing you'll find in my home is that I love to use old pieces to give just some character to the house, and then things like old columns that came off an old farmhouse, and we just added them to the sides of the sink to give that some character.

This little area is always a crowd favorite.

It is my chippy cabinet, and I took the cabinet doors off because you could really get a better look at the items inside. There are some more ironstone, some more scales, and mashers, which are some of my favorites.

Step back, and you'll see more eggs, and of course, you'll see more crates and rolling pins.

The shelves used to be a pantry when I first moved here, but it was just this door with a tiny pantry behind it, so I took the door off and made it built-in shelving so it was easier for some of my collections and displays.

I have a half wall where I keep the items and a collection of cutting boards.

Walking this way will take you to my coffee bar, which sits on top of an old chippy piece that I like again to change out for different seasons.

Then that takes you back into my living room. So we do, like I said, have a small house.

You can decorate a small home with collections. Carefully choose your favorite pieces and consider where they'll fit best. What do you collect? Share your collections in the comments below.

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