How to Decorate Your Mantel for Fall: Cozy Decorating Ideas

A cozy and inviting fireplace definitely says fall. So thank you for joining me today as we decorate a mantel for fall 2023 and the hearth that goes along with it. Let’s see what’s out there this year and get started. I’m so excited!

Swapping lamps on the mantel


My mantle is one of my favorite places to decorate. And we're gonna start here by switching out the lamps. This new lamp is gonna tie in the grays from the picture that is over my fireplace.

Adding a fall garland to the mantel


With our accent lighting in place, we're gonna now build our layers starting with our garland. I am using this traditional colored garland with sunflowers and fall-colored leaves. I am going to add in some softer colors as well to give it a fresh, unique look, making sure to spread everything apart and fluff it all up.

Fall garland with stems


Here is how we're gonna add a unique flair to our garland. I have these picks that are in a soft, very neutral color. I'm gonna add them in the middle, just kind of folding them around, and bending them in the garland.

This garland is sturdy enough to weave these stems into, plus I am using those command hooks to secure them as well. You can also use painter's tape, and it will not damage your wood if you need to secure stems and garland in place.

Jug decor piece


Our next layer to our fall mantle is going to be the decor. I am going to offset the lamp with this oversized jug.

Vase with fall florals

Into it, I have these stems that are in this muted brown color. It has an undertone of red and plays well off of the traditional garland and the colors in this landscape. So I'm gonna bend the stems and again, fluff them out.

Adding vases to the mantel


To balance out that very large jug I just added, I have a smaller white vase that I will place by the lamp on the other side of the mantle. And to this, I'm going to add some stems, the same ones that I used in the garland. That way, it ties it all in together as well as a few other stems.

Fall florals


The other florals I have here, these wispy, drapey ones, I'm gonna spread out and add them all around. All of it together is coordinated and cohesive between colors. It has a lot of texture, and all of it is just very fall.


Candlesticks and candles

I thrifted this wooden candlestick and then I love, love, love battery-powered candles.

Battery-powered candles

They are safe and you just can't even tell. They flicker and look so pretty.

Adding pumpkins to the mantel

Pumpkins and pheasants

It’s not fall without a little pumpkin added in here. You gotta have a pumpkin.

Gold pheasant

And then, on the end, my gold glittery pheasant. I actually have a pair of them and one of them is gonna go here.

Antique books in fall colors

Antique books

To create some varying heights, I am using this old antique book. It is the same orange that is in the garland. I'm gonna turn the spine around and just elevate the vase and floral arrangement.

Logs in the fireplace


Back in the summer, I shared my trip to Goodwill where I found these aspen logs. I have displayed them in my fireplace.

Adding fairy lights to the hearth

Fairy lights

Until it gets cold enough to burn an actual wood fire, I am going to wrap the logs with these fairy lights. They are on a battery-powered timer. You can have them twinkle or be steady. It adds a really cozy ambiance.

Basket and florals

Fire starters

One of those essential things is the gas starter here by my fireplace, as well as the matches and the lighters, but we're going to make it look attractive with this basket. I'm going to hang it safely. It's not heavy from this gas starter.

And then I'm going to add these yellow florals to it. That is going to help camouflage that everyday utility piece of the gas starter.

Placing the fire starters in a basket

It will still be accessible and usable, but it will look pretty at the same time. And shame on me for not thinking of this earlier, right? This is a simple solution for an everyday problem. You tuck in the lighters, and you'll never even know that they were here.

Storage basket

Storage baskets

We all love baskets for storage, don't we? I have this oversized, very large basket, and I'm going to use it to store my old blankets as well as this new blanket I just bought.

Arranging blankets in a basket

Blankets and pillows

I had had my eye on this new blanket for a while, and I caught it on sale at half price at Target. So I'm going to add that to my little collection here, and it looks very pretty hanging over the edge of the basket.

“hey there, pumpkin” pillow

To utilize the storage in the best way possible, I am going to turn my spring pillow around and use the neutral side. And then, my “hey there, pumpkin” pillow, it adds color to this neutral basket with the blanket and other pillow. It also ties in all the colors and everything else we have going on with our mantle.

Fall decor 2023

Fall decor 2023

It is the little attention to detail that really elevates your home and makes it look high-end. It does not necessarily mean that it is a lot of work, or that it's complicated or hard to achieve.

So I hope that I’ve inspired you to create a warm and cozy fall mantle and hearth for yourself this year. Discovering how to decorate a mantel for fall is just plain fun, and it comes with a lot of rewards, like making your home feel fresh and inviting.

What decor pieces are your favorite right now? Share your answers down below.

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  • Kendra Carver Kendra Carver on Sep 27, 2023
    This definitely gave me some great ideas for my fireplace and mantle to decorate for the fall.I’m hoping you do videos for all the seasons now for more ideas!
    • Lesa | Uniquely Lesa Lesa | Uniquely Lesa on Oct 15, 2023
      Hi there! I'm so glad you got some great new ideas. Yes, I decorate throughout the entire year. I don't know what will be featured here but you can always find me on YouTube.