You'll Be the Talk of the Town With These Bridgerton Decor Ideas

Are you obsessed with Bridgerton? Me too! The costumes, the sets, the music, and the latest gossip of the ton from Lady Whistledown herself!

Inspired by the Netflix show Bridgerton, Lisa Holt Design's latest video focuses on the Regency interior design style. She does the best job of explaining the history of the Regency era, highlighting the reign of King George IV and his influence on design.

Here's her video, a breakdown of Regency-era interior design and some Bridgerton-inspired decor ideas for your home:

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What is Regency-style decor?

Lisa explains the key features of Regency interiors, including color palettes (pastels and rich colors), tall flowing drapery, ornate details and moldings, abundant use of gold and mirrors, and delicate furniture.

She also explores specific design elements like marquetry, inlaid wood furniture, and Wedgwood ceramics.

How can you get that Bridgerton style in your home?

To incorporate Regency style into your homes, Lisa suggests incorporating a Regency-style crystal chandelier, a gold mirror, urns or a Wedgwood Jasper urn, a Bergère accent chair or chaise longue, accent tables including a gilded one, and a tea set.

Vintage Wedgwood Blue Jasperware

Jocelyn Bergere Chair

8 Pieces British Porcelain Tea Set

Bridgerton-inspired decor collections

The Bridgerton look has proved so popular, that home decor brands have created collections inspired by the series. For example, Ruggable has produced a series of Modern Regency Rugs...

Bridgerton Fit For A Queen - Soft Rose Rug

Lush Decor also has a ruffle-tastic Regency-style bedding collection...

Allison Ruffle Skirt Bedspread Set

More Bridgerton decor ideas

Here are a few more affordable options I've found for Bridgerton-inspired decor:

Everblooming Rosettes Peel & Stick Wallpaper Roll

Bridgerton Table Runner

Queen Charlotte's Tea Candle

Eisenhauer Metal Flat Wall Mirror

Vintage Blue Bone China Teacup Spoon and Saucer Set

Vintage Etched Goblets

Bridgerton decor

What do you think of Regency-era interior design? I think it's so romantic!

Although a full home in this style could feel a little antiquated (or too much like a Bridgerton filming set!), adding some key decor pieces to your home can really get a feel for the romance of the historic period.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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