Affordable & Easy Fall Porch Decor & Entryway Ideas

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

I am going to show you how I decorated my entryway and front porch for fall. I decorated my front entryway in two different styles and I’ll show you both. All of these indoor and outdoor fall decor ideas are super affordable and very easy to do.

Entryway before

Before I started I cleaned up this area. It had a ton of my kids stuff, shoes, backpacks, and a little bit of leftover summer decor. I am putting everything away and packing up the last of that summer decor and then I'm just going to quickly wipe everything down, make sure it's nice and clean before I put out my pretty fall decor.

Entryway decor style 1

1. Layered mirrors

Really love the way layered mirrors look. I had done this over on my mantle last year and I loved the way it looked. I thought it looked really pretty and just added character to the space. So I thought I would do some layering with three different styles of mirrors in the entryway.

2. Yellow florals in a basket

I purchased these really pretty florals a couple of weeks ago at Hobby Lobby when I was looking for some fall decor, and I really wanted to add them to my entryway. I remembered I had this little pocket wall basket and I thought they'd look really pretty just to the left of the mirror. I love how these cascade out of this little basket.

3. Yellow garland

I found this garland I purchased a few years ago that had some mini white pumpkins and some dried florals. I just draped the garland over these lanterns in the entryway.

4. Moss garland

I found this garland of moss in one of my bins. I really liked the muted green and it brought a little more color to these mirrors.

5. Amber jars and pumpkin

I thought these amber glass jars looked so pretty with flameless candles in them. I added a really pretty green pumpkin that has a little bit of that color green in it to pick up the green in the moss garland.

6. Candy dish and pumpkins

On the other side, I added an antique candy dish and filled it with some white faux pumpkins.

7. Seating

I made the space look a little more inviting and cozy by adding this little chair topped with a fluffy pillow and blanket to match the colors that I used in the space.

Entryway decor style 2

1. Neutral wreath

I'm going to show you another style for my entryway fall decor. It’s a little more simple but with a bit more color. I picked up a few new items at Target, and this wreath, which was absolutely gorgeous. The wreath had a little bit of that neutral color that I wanted in this entryway, but it also had the burgundy color in the wreath that I'm using throughout my home.

2. Fall stems and sweater pumpkins

I also found these beautiful fall stems that were $15 apiece, which I thought was an amazing deal considering how lifelike they looked. They look perfect in this corner with just a simple glass vase. I love that pop of color that the three stems bring to the corner. I added sweater pumpkins that I found at Target a few years ago. I love the simple look in white, burgundy, and purple.

Porch fall style

Porch before

Here’s my porch all cleaned up of summer decor.

1. Mums

As much as I would love to put real potted mums on my front porch, they are sure to die, so I'm not even going to attempt it this year. I found these mums at Hobby Lobby and they look incredibly real. They look beautiful in this urn and I love that burgundy color that I've been using throughout my home.

2. Sweater pillows

And I found these sweater pillows in my closet with a lot of my winter and fall decor. And I thought it would look so pretty over here. And it mirrors what I have going on in the entryway.

3. Seasonal wreath

I love making my own seasonal wreaths. I just add the florals and greenery and then when the season is over, I'll just switch it out. This way I’m not buying a bunch of wreaths that I have to store. I don't really glue anything on, I like to use floral wire because it's really easy to take off.

Once I got all of these stems clipped apart I took each stem and kind of weaved it in and stuck it in between those little branches. And for the most part they do hold very snug and securely without glue or wire. If it gets windy in your area, you might want to add some floral wire to keep flowers from blowing off.

4. Dressing the side table

I added some white pumpkins to this little side table along with a string of glass pumpkin lights. I kept it very, very neutral.

5. Layered mats

I love the layered look of two mats by the front door. I just got a simple jute rug at Target for about $19 and I put it on top of a mat that goes with the colors in the round rug that I have in front of the bench.

Fall porch decor

That’s my fall porch decor! I hope I was able to give you some fall decorating ideas for both your front porch and front entryway. Let me know in the comments below how you decorate your entryway and porch for fall.

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  • Patty Patty on Aug 14, 2023
    It’s all very pretty, but one mat on top of another is a tripping hazard.
  • Pat-pickles Pat-pickles on Sep 27, 2023
    I can't put sweater pillows or textile anything for outside decorations. Night-time dew, spider web-making & birds make it impossible. But, it does look cozy.