€900k in Munich: What Does It Buy You? (Apartment Tour)

by Bai-Xu

I’ve lived in this apartment now for six or seven months and all of my family and friends have asked to come over to see what it looks like but it’s still a mess and I’m really embarrassed. So, I figured I’d do an apartment tour anyhow to show you our progress.

My boyfriend and I bought a top-floor apartment in Munich for €870,000. Here’s a little update on how we’re slowly turning this place into a home.

1. Key drop

We drop the keys in our pot on a stand.

2. Entry niche

I want to turn this space into a place for storing shoes.

3. Entry

I have a big, big mirror in the entry. We also have a little console table at the entrance. You can put nice pieces of art above the table. We don’t have art yet so I just bought a decorative mirror which is much more functional, anyhow.

4. Sitting room

Here’s our sitting room.

We changed the color of the hardwood floor after we moved in. The original color (bottom image) had become a bit yellowed over time and I thought what color is cool and modern and has no color–black! I love it (top image).

This room is a little more formal and we have this big fireplace which I decorated with a massive gold framed mirror and a lot of books, plants, and decor. We also decided this room won’t have any TV in it. It will be for socializing, playing board games, drinking some whiskey or champagne, or reading. We bought two matching sofas symmetrically aligned with a fireplace.

I’m going to paint the walls slightly different colors so it’s not a boring white.

I want to add a lot of moldings to the walls and the ceilings.

We are using these outdoor Ikea tables until we can figure out a coffee table for the space.

We just went shopping and picked out this gold bird–totally random.

I may add a little more playfulness into the room with a colored rug. To really ground a room, and make it feel larger, you need to get a rug that seems almost too large for the space.

5. Cabinet

We got this cabinet for free and originally it had fake wood veneer and I painted it black.

It’s so funny–whenever I don’t like something and if I want to use it, I just paint it black because suddenly it looks cooler.

I’m going to change out the plastic hardware for brass handles and I will get metal legs to prop it up. I also plan to get stickers to put on the glass so it’s frosted.

6. Baseboards

I changed the skirting (baseboards). They were good quality but they were screwed in so you could always see the holes and screws (bottom two images). I wanted something more charming and decorative.

7. Light switches and door handles

I also changed the light switches and plugs when we moved in. I chose some gold and black ones and they go well with the floor.

We changed those out, too. The doors are really heavy and to keep them open, we need doorstops. (I love the elephant doorstop.)

8. Door frames

Let me tell you about the door frames. We moved in and they were sort of boring (top image). I added a lot of extra wood onto the outer edge and repainted them white. It looks more charming now (bottom image).

9. Bathroom

I’m not in love with the bathroom’s layout, the shower is too small, the mirrors are too high, and my feet dangle off the floor when I sit on the toilet! We haven’t done much here, yet.

10. Bedrooms

So these two bedrooms are great metaphors for myself. They both have a lot of potential but they are definitely a bit of a mess.

We took out the built-in wardrobes (closet) but were too obstructive so we removed it. We are building newer wardrobes across the room.

The other bedroom is truly a mess and just has construction materials.

11. Lighting

In this type of apartment, the headspace is restrictive, making it challenging to find good lighting. We found some great spotlights that are small and slim.

12. Office

When you have a black floor, the room can look a little bit cold so I changed the wall color to an antique white to make the room cozy. We built some shelves for storage. It’s the perfect space for shelves because it’s so low and restrictive, there’s nothing else to put here but storage.

We have some Ikea cabinets. The legs we put on the cabinets raise them perfectly. It’s the perfect height to let our robotic vacuum work.

The cabinet is also just high enough to sit right over the baseboard. Perfect detailing!

We also have a simple, minimal Ikea ceiling track light.

13. Second living room/dining room

This is our cozy TV-watching space. I wanted a big sofa where I could just lie down, put my feet up, and chill.

I added a genuine sheep fur rug for added coziness. I just have to figure out how to clean it!

On the other side of the room is the dining table. It’s really messy.

We are going to build a small kitchen on one of the walls and make it like a coffee and tea station.

14. Kitchen

The kitchen is very high-end but it is a little small and I don’t love the finishes.

When we open the drawers, the lights come on.

We don’t need a ventilator hood because we have it in the middle of the induction stovetop.

Munich apartment tour

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our messy apartment that’s a work in progress. I loved giving you a tour. Let me know what you think of what we’ve done so far by leaving a comment.

Disclaimer: I may receive a small affiliate commission from purchases made via links in this article but at no cost to you.

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  • Desiree Desiree on Apr 29, 2024
    You're doing well. Thank you for the tour. I'd love to see the outside of the building. I presume it's on the top floor. Good luck with all the renos.
  • Daisy@TX Daisy@TX on May 02, 2024
    You have a good eye and know what you want. Don't rush take your time. Thank you for the tour.