How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger With Strategic Design

Today I am going over how to make a small space look bigger than it actually is. Believe it or not, a few simple adjustments can transform any space, making a small space feel bigger and cozier in just a matter of minutes.

If your home is smaller than you are used to or more closed in than you would like, use these tips from interior design to make your small spaces look bigger and find joy in being at home.

How to make small living spaces look bigger

Irregularly-shaped rug

1. Irregularly shaped rug

The first strategy I picked up when learning how to make small living spaces look bigger is to use irregularly shaped rugs to anchor the space. If this were a square or rectangular rug, it would not feel organic with the shape of the room or the shape of the sectional. So this is a playful take, but still elegantly designed for such an area.

For instance, when you see a curved sectional like this or any other organic shapes that are similar, it kind of blends together so it does not have jagged edges or corners.

Mismatched pillows on the sofa

2. Mismatched accessories

Now it is time to accessorize. I am putting solids in the back because it gives it a nice backdrop. It accentuates the brighter one in the front. and I like mixing shapes in as well.

Lumbar pillow

For instance, this lumbar pillow, some people call it a kidney pillow, changes the overall shape of the accessories a little bit.

It does not make things too matchy-matchy. We do not want matchy-matchy, right?

Lumbar pillow on a sofa
Round glass coffee table

3. Round glass coffee table

With the organic shape of the couch and the rug, I thought a round coffee table would look great in this space. I chose to go with glass as well because it feels like it is not really there. The round shape also goes well with the organic shape of the sectional.

Coffee table decor

4. Coffee table decor

It is time to clean and style the coffee table. I like to keep things really low so they are not too high and blocking whatever is on the couch.

I found this fun coffee table book, so you can move this around. You can put it on the left or, if you would like, you can put it on the right.

Styled coffee table decor

Small, low items that fill up the coffee table make it a little warm and inviting.

Lamps on either side of the couch

5. Lamps

I usually like to put lamps on the sides of the couch as well, either on a side table with a table lamp or a floor lamp on the floor. Sometimes even an arc lamp would work too, but in this situation, because the room is a little bit smaller, an arc lamp comes out way too deep into the space, so we are going to to choose something else.

These lamps are fun and playful, and they work nicely with the organic shape of the room. We have matching lamps on this side. I know I said not to make it too matchy-matchy, but these anchor the space nicely. I think because the sectional is not straight and square, having these two lamps on the sides works well with the shape of the couch.

Restyled living room

Here is a view of the finished living room space.

Plain white kitchen with an island

How to make a small kitchen look bigger

1. Wood elements

I like to keep things pretty natural and clean, and white is always a clean choice. Plus, it is classy. But adding wood elements on the countertops kind of softens the look, and again, it ties in with the organic feel of this home.

Styling the kitchen island

2. Kitchen island

Since there are no pendant lights above the island, I like to put something just a little bit tall, but still not really intrusive in the space. These are real branches that we found in the wilderness.

Adding natural elements into the kitchen

How to make a small dining room look bigger

1. Glass dining table

Glass dining table

A glass table helps give this a modern look, but it also helps a small space feel a lot bigger because it is reflective, and also it is clear so you do not see that there is a lot of furniture here.

Rug underneath the dining table

2. Rug

I like to bring in a rug underneath this glass table as well, just to define the space.

Styling a seating area around the dining table

3. Seating area

We also created a small seating area with a sofa and greenery.

Adding dining room chairs

4. Patterned chairs

The dining room chairs are anything but ordinary. They are black with metal accents and a highly patterned seat.

Placing decor on the dining table

5. Table decor

I added simple table decor because the chairs are so patterned in this space. So basically, I am mixing a pattern with solid items on top of the table.

Styling shelf decor in the dining area

6. Shelf decor

The shelf decor is also simple, and it highlights colors that make small spaces look bigger, which are found throughout this space.

How to make a small space look bigger

The dining room looks chic and much bigger than it actually is.

How to make a small space look bigger

Discovering how to make a small space look bigger is part design element and part experimentation. Do not be afraid to try out several different looks and see what looks and feels bigger in your space.

What are your favorite features in each of these different rooms? Let me know in the comments section.

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  • Mary Vance Mary Vance on Feb 04, 2024
    Shelf unit, where did it come from? How is small round glass table top held in place with only small metal in the middle of post? Do like some of the concepts. Now do Assisted Living apt. which has to have room for an electric wheelchair to move around. Seems you would be the person to do something on that scale.