How to Make a Space Feel Complete: 7 Interior Design Ideas

Today we're talking about seven interior design ideas every room needs to feel complete. Even though each room in our homes serves a different purpose, there are elements that make each room feel finished. The following seven interior design tips will help you plan and style the space that feels complete.

1. Pay attention to function and flow.

Flow directs movement through a space, and good flow lays the foundation for a space that functions well. Make sure your furniture layout facilitates the activities of the space and allows for good circulation.

2. Create a focal point that catches the attention and holds it

A focal point catches your eye, draws you into the space, and gives your eyes a place to rest. Some spaces will have a natural focal point like a beautiful view or an architectural feature, but you can also create a focal point with a feature wall or decor like artwork, a beautiful mirror, or an eye-catching vignette.

3. Add some visual weight

Visual weight grounds the space and acts as an anchor for your design. You can do this with a floor that's several shades darker than the surrounding walls, taking a cue from nature's scheme of dark ground against lighter sky. Or use a textural rug to create that weight and tie the objects in the room together. A heavy piece of furniture can also do this, like a sofa or substantial coffee table.

4. Add variety and deep accents to draw the eye around the room

Focal points are great, but we also want to take in the space as a whole. There are several different strategies to lead the gaze in the room. Changes in height can do this with taller and shorter furniture pieces. You can also use trees and plants and decor items like mirrors and artwork.

Another way to do this is to repeat a material pattern or color. Not too much, but just enough to lead the eye to take in the whole space. Black accents are great at doing this as our metallic elements.

5. Be deliberate with your lighting

Lighting is a key component of a well-designed space. Use it intentionally to create a mood, highlight artwork or architectural features, and make a space feel more expansive or more intimate. Layered lighting, a combination of ambient task and accent lighting, can help you avoid glare and achieve the balance of light.

6. Get cozy

Soft, warm, and comforting items will make you feel welcome and make you want to settle in. Start with comfortable furniture. Fully upholstered pieces are great for snuggling up with a good book, a favorite beverage, or to watch a movie, and are also great for comfortable conversation.

Reds and draperies add to the softness of the space and enhance acoustical comfort. Other cozy items like a few pillows and a throw blanket round out the comfortable and inviting feel.

7. Bring life into your space

To really complete your space, include greenery in the form of trees, plants, cut flowers, and stems to add depth, texture, and a connection to nature. You can also do this by bringing in elements that are representative of nature like wood, woven seagrass, and ceramic items for an organic and warm feel.

How to make your home feel complete

What interior design ideas do you use in your rooms? How do you like to make your space feel complete? Please share in the comments.

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