How to Create a Cozy Fall Living Room This Season

I’m going to create a cozy fall living room and focus on the top of a hall tree that I completely made over. It is actually a family heirloom, so we're going to be decorating the top of that today.

I’m also going to take you through the process of how I decorated other parts of my living room for fall, why I chose the items that I did, and how I just kind of played with the decor. I have a lot of warm textures in here, and I'm incorporating a lot of maroon, burgundy, and plum colors.

Sofa with a charcoal-bluishcouch cover

On the hunt for a new sofa

Before getting started, I’m letting you know that I am in the process of looking for a new sofa so in the meantime, I just purchased this couch cover from Walmart. It is a charcoal-bluish color. It's just very temporary. So it's not exactly the vibe I'm going for but we're just going to be working with it because this is what we have currently.

Cozy fall living room decor
Thrifted fall living room decor
Living room fall decor ideas

I do have a few new thrifted pieces that I'm incorporating today. This one is the first one. I love it. This vase with these little rings that I think are so beautiful. I got this last week at my local thrift store. It was only four dollars. So I love that. This vase is also a thrifted piece along with my candlesticks. This crock is also thrifted.

These florals actually came from Hobby Lobby. It's just like one big stem. This is also from Hobby Lobby, one of my book boxes. This piece here is also thrifted, but it was my mom's. I'm actually borrowing that from her. Then I have some dried eucalyptus in there that is also from Hobby Lobby. So there are a lot of items, but it's going to look totally different.

Decorating the fireplace

1. Decorating the fireplace

We're going to go ahead and start with the fireplace and our thrifted chair.

Cozy blanket for the ladder

Adding a blanket ladder and blanket

First, I'm just going to be adding some height behind this chair. I'm taking our black blanket ladder and I'm going to be placing a brown plaid blanket on that just to give it a little more contrast.

Warm pillow cover

Warming up the chair

And I am also throwing a pillow on that chair for more contrast. I love the high contrast with items like these.

Fall floral stems
Book box
Decorating the hearth

Decorating the hearth

I like to keep my mantle very simple. And I'm just going to be placing some candlesticks on there along with one of my book boxes and the crock with the greenery inside. And then I'm going to make a little bit of a vignette on the hearth of our fireplace with some different bottles and pottery.

Cozy fall living room ideas

2. Decorating the hall tree

Next up, we're going to be focusing on the top of the hall tree. Again, I like to keep this very simple, but cohesive with the rest of the room.

Decorating the hall tree
Thrifted brass vases

I’ll place this little landscape artwork in the center. Then I have two of these thrifted brass vases placed side by side on the opposite side of the picture.

On the other side of the picture, I have a little floral arrangement just to give it some greenery and some life and movement up there. Both of these are from Hobby Lobby. The greenery is the asparagus fern that I love so much from Hobby Lobby.

Adding greenery to the hall tree
DIY magnolia wreath on a picture wall

3. Filling in the picture wall

I'm hanging my DIY magnolia wreath that I made with dried magnolia leaves from my parents’ backyard. I love this wreath. It is just so pretty. I’ll place the wreath in the middle of the pictures for a nice statement.

Fall pillow covers
Arranging pillows on the sofas

4. Arranging pillows on the sofas

I'm taking a variety of pillows and arranging them. All of these are pillow covers from Amazon. They are so pretty and the patterns are very neutral in the browns, maroons, plums, creams, and taupes.

Decorating our coffee table

5. Decorating our coffee table

I like to keep the centerpiece on the coffee table simple but cohesive, as well. I’ll layer in some books, pottery pieces, and black candlesticks (without candles for now). And then I have another little piece of floral stem that I got from Hobby Lobby just in that black vase for contrast.

Decorating a buffet table

6. Buffet table vignette

I already have candle sconces on the wall. I love having large arrangements on a buffet, but still keeping it simple and wispy. I don’t want anything overpowering. I took a clearance vase from Hobby Lobby and put in a few little wispy, sparse picks with pretty colors.

Buffet table vignette
How to make a buffet table vignette

I'm just setting a variety of items on the table to make this vignette. I wanted something that was a little larger for the centerpiece but that was still low and not overwhelming. I added a basket, another shorter floral arrangement, and a candle.

Book boxes and a bell

On the opposite side of that, I have some book boxes ( floral box, black box), another bottle with the wicker on it, and then also a bell that came from Hobby Lobby as well.

Back door entryway

Back door entryway

Keeping it simple, I just added a patterned lumbar pillow that I found at HomeGoods recently. And I also placed a little basket on the hooks with some more greenery and that greenery matches the greenery throughout the room.

Cozy fall living room

Let me know which fall living room decor ideas you enjoyed the most. I always love the fireplace area because there’s so much texture and it’s so cozy–I really don’t have to do much to that area. My style is less is always more.

I also really need your help–if you have any recommendations at all for pretty, lived-in couches, please let me know in the comments! I have been looking everywhere for a new sofa but I haven’t had any luck.

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  • Elaine Elaine on Oct 07, 2023
    I honestly think you're sofa looks very nice! With the cover and blanket and pillows you have on it it's really cute! So if it takes you a little while to find one that you want at least this one looks really nice in the meantime.