Cozy & Layered Fall Decorating Ideas For Your Living Room

Fall decorating of my living room continues. With the mantel done, it's time to turn my attention to the rest of the room. I've got a blank slate, and I'm looking forward to adding layers and textures and lots of fall colors, hopefully, to create a warm and inviting space for my family.

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Living room with fall decor
Woven shades

Woven shades

We finally added back woven wood shades. I love the variation in color. There aren't any orange or red undertones, and they are super easy to mount. It comes with the necessary hardware. They have added back the warmth and texture that I feel like this space or our room is missing or was missing.

Decorating a sofa table for fall

Sofa table

I'll be bringing in lamps, fall stems, and candles. I placed the lamps on each end, and then I balanced it height-wise with an arrangement in the middle that I still need to mess with. I see some gaps, but I just created it by adding fall stems and picks that I had on hand down into this planter. Then, on each side, add a candle.

Decorating an armchair for fall

Sofa, loveseat, and accent chair

Look at these really pretty pillow covers I found. Love the colors, a classic plaid. You can never go wrong with that. They've got brown, a little bit of black, and ivory. I also ordered a few of these pillow covers with one pumpkin right in the middle and muted tones.

Because symmetry rules my world, I'm adding the same throw and pillows to this loveseat and accent chair.

Decorating a sofa for fall

Coffee table

I had added a piece of wood that I had, but I went ahead and took it off. I may end up bringing it back. But for now, let's just add a few little accessories, starting with a book I found in Goodwill. I love to get my books from Goodwill. They have great prices, and I try to find books that will suit my seasonal decor color-wise.

Battery-operated candles and pumpkin decor

I'm just going to add a couple of candles and a little pumpkin embellishment.

Mini pumpkins in a bowl

The only other thing I'm going to add is this larger bowl.

This was also a Goodwill find that I've just added leaves and various pumpkins in different colors, but it is layered on a wood plate. So, I feel like I've added that wood factor that ties in with the baskets, the web and blinds, and the wood elements that I added to the fireplace.

Accessorizing a lantern


Now, to accessorize. The first thing I'm going to do is add this lantern.

I have not touched this in years. Let's just ignore the dirt that's down in there. I really wanted to add a tall candle, a battery-operated one, but I don't have one. So what I'm going to do is add this little glass candle holder, and then I'm going to put some leaves in there. Then I'll add a little candle. It hides the candle holder, and it elevates the candle just a little bit.

Pumpkins on the coffee table

Then, to the middle, I'm going to add this stand and leaf. To the middle of that, I'll just nestle the pumpkin there.

For here, let's add some books and a couple of candles, and I'm just gonna tuck in one little fall pick. I may go back and add some little pumpkins to the lantern, just so everything kind of ties together.

Peg rack with a basket

This corner and the other one are looking mighty empty, so let's fix that.

I love having a peg rack. I think it's just a fun way to display items, whether they're textiles like throws or even baskets. So, I'm going to incorporate both over here.

Mounting fall wall art

The first thing I'm going to do is up above; I am mounting fall art.

I've had these for a couple of years, and I love them so much I just keep bringing them back.

Adding a basket to the peg rack

To the peg rack, I'm gonna hang a couple of throws and a really pretty basket.

I'm going to go ahead and add a little bit of fall to it with neutral bushes and a couple of picks. They match the ones I added to the mantel, so it just kind of ties it all together. Now, I'm just repeating the process on the other side of the room.

How to style shelves for fall


I am slightly obsessed with symmetry. So what is on our right bookcases is usually over on the left. I may try to invert a couple of shelves, where if I have a basket here, I'll put a basket on this shelf on the other side, where it looks asymmetrical. It tricks my brain into thinking it's asymmetrical, but it still satisfies my need for symmetry.

My baskets are a great filler, and it gives your eye a place to rest by just having one item on a shelf versus several. All I did was add a fall bush, and then this is actually a garland that I cut in half so I get more use out of it. These pieces match what I have going on over on the mantel, so it just kind of pulls it all together.

Fall-colored books for decor

How about we add a few books? Once again, I love getting them from Goodwill. Great prices, and it's so easy to find books in colors that suit the season.

White pumpkins and shelf decor

I feel like I can go neutral with my pumpkins since I have the color going on in the books.

Since I have my pumpkins down here, diagonally above it, I'm gonna add a little topiary. I just tucked in the leaves to add a little bit of color. Because I have my books down there, I want to bring in more books up here. So, I have the diagonal method going on, which I'm a big fan of.

Basket with fall leaves and garlands

On the top shelf, I'm adding the same basket filled with the same fall leaves and garland that I did on the bottom shelf just to pull it all together.

Decorating a corner space

Corner space

Lastly, to this little forgotten corner, I am going to place a blanket ladder. That was a DIY project several years ago.

Ladder with throw blankets

I'm just gonna toss a couple of throws over it. This one matches the one that's on the chair by the fireplace.

Decorated fall living room

My decorated fall living room

Are you done with fall decorating in your living room? What are your favorite pieces? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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