How to Refresh Your Living Room in a Few Simple Steps


Today, I will be going over how to refresh your living room. I was hired to do interior styling for a client who just wanted a nice refresh of her living room. I went to various stores to gather the items I would be using.

The color palette for this particular styling is blue, gold, white, and muted blue. I'm going to add black to the color palette as well.

Shopping for decor

Shopping for decor

I got some vases from Target that I will use to hold faux eucalyptus branches. If you're looking for little accents to enhance your living room a bit, definitely check out Target's bullseye section; they have candles and a lot of great finds.

Next, I'll be looking for a gold round mirror, and I'm also looking for little accents. I like pulling different accents that match that project's color palette and vibe. It will look cohesive once you like something and put it all together.

Clock accent pieces

So I'm looking for different accents like this clock that I can place on a gold stand that I would like to put in this living room, along with some other embellishments.

I will select the floating shelves I would like to place on either side of the TV to add more visual interest.

I will also replace my client's throw pillows to reflect the muted blue color scheme. I will be adding a gold stand to the look. Now, I am looking for some coffee table books because my client wanted a few decorative ones to be added to her styling. So, I'm picking up a few visually beautiful books on her coffee table.

Next, I'm heading to HomeGoods. I will be looking for more decorative coffee table books.

Books at HomeGoods

Do not sleep on HomeGoods. HomeGoods has a fantastic book collection if you take your time to look for it.

I will also be looking for other items here to place on the white cabinet stand that she has right underneath her TV.

At Crate & Barrel, I'm going to get some accent pieces, and I'm looking for some diffusers, just some things I could add to the chest underneath her TV. So we're looking for stuff to add to there.

White vessels for decor
Living room before

I just got a round white vase and will get some floral picks. The color will give it a little bit of visual interest. It's underneath the TV, so you don't want branches too high to take away from it.

Refreshing the living room

Now that I'm at the client's house, I've gathered all my decor items here.

This was before we added any window treatments, throw pillows, or decor.

I placed a few plants around the room that can be found at Target. These are faux plants. My specific design style is less is more.

I am placing the beautiful vase I found at Crate & Barrel on the white cabinet. This vase is a statement piece that doesn't need any picks or flowers. It can stand independently and give the wow factor that the living room needs. Whenever you're designing with books, you want to stick to nice, chunky books for a display, not thin, flimsy ones.

Off-gray-white panel window treatment

I decided to go with an off-gray-white panel found at Amazon for window treatments. This neutral but light color will brighten up the living room.

Canvas with white, blue, and gold

I tried to get a canvas that reflected all of the colors in the color palette for this styling. The canvas I chose is 60 inches by 40 inches.

Styling the coffee table

Since the coffee table is on the smaller side, I wanted to give it more dimension by adding this gold tray and then building our coffee tablescape onto the gold tray using our decorative coffee table books.

So we have Chanel, and then we also have another book, Elements of Style. Then, we will add the candle that we got from HomeGoods and our fresh tulips.

White tulips

Now, adding some fresh flowers to your coffee table is always beautiful. It's very inviting and can lift the room's mood.

Muted blue throw pillows

Now, I'll be adding some throw pillows.

I got these muted blue throw pillows from Bed Bath & Beyond. What I love about these pillows is that they are oversized and have a nice, comfortable texture. So they're very soft and big, filling up a lot of space on the couch. I wanted to add as many pillows as I possibly could on the couch without it being overdone because I wanted to utilize this space on the couch. Throw pillows are a great way to showcase your style and pull the look together.

Blue throw blanket

Last but not least, I'll be adding the throw blanket on the couch. I added this blanket because it matches the oversized pillows, and I wanted these two items to match and be cohesive on the couch.

Living room refresh
How to refresh your living room

This living room refresh is completed.

I thought this came out beautifully. I love the colors and the subtle accents that kick this up a notch. Like I always say, less is more, and I love understated luxury. So, if you can find nice big pieces or something with a lot of depth, I would suggest adding it to your living room and seeing how that can enhance your look.

How to refresh your living room

I hope you've learned how to refresh your living room and use some ideas for your home. What color palette will you be using in your refresh? Share your plans in the comments below.

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