3 Console Table Decorating Ideas For Your Entryway

Do you have a console table in your entryway that you don’t know what to do with? Does it get cluttered? I’ll show you three ways to style a console table so you’ll love it.

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Console table 1

I started by removing everything from the table to start with a fresh slate.

I’ll start with this oversized vessel vase from HomeGoods. I took two branches that I foraged from outdoors and mixed some faux branches in between them so you can’t tell which is real or fake. I took some of the flowers from the faux branches and stuck them on the real branches to make it look even more mixed.

I added a large paper mache bowl for a catch-all bowl for practicality for keys and anything else floating around.

Then the stack of books is placed on the other side of the mirror and next to the lamp for balance.

I added a travertine bowl with a candle on top of the books.


Console table 2

This will probably be my most favorite of all. I moved the lamp to the other side.

I put this beautiful frame from my office on the table.

These magnolia stems were placed in a jar of water to make them look real.  

Then I added a book and bowl on the table. I then added some Polaroid photos in the bowl to make it look more lived in.

Next to the book and bowl, I placed a travertine box that can store lighters and matches.

The paper mache bowl was placed on the other side and instead of a catch-all, I displayed beaded garlands for texture.

I put lighter-colored ottomans under the console tale to lighten the visual weight and make it more springlike.


Console table 3

I used a rice jar with branches from the first table display. I added another floral print vase next to it.

I love styling with my books. I added a bowl and candle on top of one book.

I opened the other book for display. I love adding a magnifying glass on top of the page. It’s one of my favorite looks.


I hope I was able to help you with ideas on styling a console table for your entryway. Let me know which one you like the best. Leave a comment!

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