Maximalist & Hollywood Regency Dining Room Makeover

Welcome to another episode of Transformation for Your Home, where I am styling a Hollywood Regency dining room. Remember, whether it's DIY or professional help, you can make your home a destination you'll love. I am working in a client's home, but you can apply this style to your own home.

Hollywood Regency style

My client has a gorgeous 1920s colonial on the East Coast, and she loves the Hollywood Regency style. Hollywood Regency style is all about glam, mixing time periods, Asian, mid-century modern, and Greek. It's a pretty dope style. She hired me to finish off three rooms in her home.

1920s colonial property

Today, I am focusing on the dining room.

Her goals for me were finishing each space with a Hollywood Regency flair and incorporating most of her existing pieces. As a designer, I always have goals for my clients. For this client, I wondered if she'd be willing to go bold and if she would be willing to allow me to replace some of her existing pieces. Do we bump heads? What could go wrong? I'm spilling all the tea.


Now, there were a couple of challenges with this project. First off, the room is circular. Most rooms are square.

Circular dining room

Second, this room opened into the living room and the adjacent breakfast room.

So, my design choices needed to complement one another. Luckily, I also designed the breakfast room and the living room.

I included shots of her existing pieces I needed to work with.

Fun accent chairs

A gray-toned leopard print floor rug, an oval dining table in gorgeous chocolate wood, these velvet-covered dining chairs in emerald green, and two really fun accent chairs.

I practice the Furaha method of joyful design. One of our primary principles is for clients to honor themselves and treat themselves better than company.

Mood board

One of the first things in the client process is to pull all the client's ideas into one place through a mood board.

Mood board for the Hollywood Regency dining room

Here's one I did for the adjacent breakfast and dining rooms.

The designs are meant to complement one another in style. To keep everything on track, a best practice is to have the client sign off on the final design direction.

Peacock wallpaper

This client also already had this wallpaper but intended to put it in her bathroom; I convinced her it would be better in this dining room.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Interior design

The room design took its nod from the elements and colors in this wallpaper. The vibrant peacock and the lovely hints of pink coral and gold would give this room that wow factor the client was after.

When the client agreed to move the wallpaper from the bathroom to the dining room, I knew she was willing to go bold and that she was willing to have that flexibility that always helps the client-designer relationship.

Green painted walls

The upper wall area was painted using Benjamin Moore's Hunter Green, and we used Benjamin Moore Ashwood for the trim and lower part of the wall.

The windows give off marvelous light during the day, but we needed better lighting at night.

Chandelier and candlestick lamps

So, I selected a new chandelier overhead and two lovely candlestick lamps for the sideboards.

The client had already installed some plantation shutters on her windows, but I didn't think they worked very well. Luckily, she was willing to give me full license to make any changes I thought would bring the room together.

Sheer blinds

So I selected a custom cornice treatment over the top and these beautiful sheer blinds. Once they were installed, she loved them.

Window seat with colorful pillows

Window seat

To layer in the wow factor in this dining room, I selected this lovely silk Bellagio fabric to create a custom window seat cushion. Let me know what you think of it in the comments section below. With my hybrid package, the client does some work, and I do some work. Lots of people like that model because it helps keep costs reasonable.

What went wrong

With any project, something is bound to go wrong. In this case, I put the wrong width on two of the window blinds, and we had to reorder them. But it was an easy fix. Most of my client correspondence is done via email, but this client liked to do some texting for quick questions. You just need to figure out what system is going to work best for you.

Bar station

One of the last things that the client wanted me to address was she wanted a bar station. You know, cocktail parties, soirees, and all that good Hollywood Regency stuff.

Wooden cabinet

She already had this wooden cabinet with her existing furniture, but it was too small and just didn't fit the room's vibe. We wanted something with a little more elegance.

Bar station in a maximalist dining room

So I brought in this beautiful gold-toned piece, and it made the perfect bar station.

You know, you can get funky and unusual with a bar station. One can use many different items to create something very functional.

The client's mid-century modern sideboard already had made a great complement to the wood oval table on the other feature wall.

Hollywood Regency style dining room

She also picked up this fantastic mid-century Hollywood Regency mirror from Facebook Marketplace.

It's super heavy, really dope, and will make a fantastic feature moment on the wall opposite the windows.

Colorful pillows

Lastly, I wrapped this up with what I call Pillowpalooza. Had the best time selecting pillows that complimented the colors in that gorgeous wallpaper.

Hollywood Regency dining room

Hollywood Regency dining room

I hope you've enjoyed this Hollywood Regency dining room makeover. Will you use Hollywood Regency elements in your dining room decor? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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  • Deb92705308 Deb92705308 on Dec 15, 2023
    Enjoyed the video and I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  • Dawna Dawna on Feb 04, 2024
    I love how you used the wallpaper as an accent instead of wallpapering the entire walls with it. So much more budget friendly too.