Everything You Need to Know About Cottagecore Interior Design

Casa Chaps
by Casa Chaps

Do you know what cottagecore interior design is? I’ll explain what that means, and what cottagecore home decor looks like. Let’s get started.

Cottagecore kitchen
Chickens in the garden

What is cottagecore?

During the pandemic, a lot of people went back to their roots and this meant different things for different people. For some, it meant going back to stay with their parents instead of isolating.

For others, it meant something as simple as picking up a new old habit, like letter writing, embroidery, baking, and sewing, for example. These microtrends are not so small after all.

They form a much larger trend that’s been around for a while and is growing in popularity as a much-needed escape.

Cottage exterior

This larger trend is called cottagecore. Cottagecore is all about living life as it looks in a pastoral painting far away from reality, on a farm, for example. Cottagecore is also known as farmcore or countrycore and it has a definite and rich aesthetic.

Laundry hanging outside

Grandma-chic meets farm

Cottagecore is not about being contemporary or even cool. The trend is best summed up as your grandma but hip. Cottagecore is centered around what life would be like living in a small cottage in the countryside.

What activities would you be doing in this small cottage? Gardening, wearing flowy and floral print dresses, and tending to animals on your farm. You want it to feel like a farm environment in the English countryside, living more simply and sustainably in a more modernized interior.

Cottagecore living room

Focus on comfort

The goal is to encourage people to focus on comfort, and happiness, embrace the beauty of nature, and leave these fast-paced, continuously connected lives behind.

Cottagecore aesthetic

How to achieve the cottagecore aesthetic

Cottagecore decor pieces

Vintage and antique pieces are perfect for cottagecore.

Rustic, wistful, and romantic interior design

Incorporate natural materials for rustic simplicity and a wistful romantic look.

Wood dining table and chairs

Incorporate wood, such as a wood dining table and desk.

Fresh flowers on the table

Surround yourself with potted plants which brings the outside indoors. Use dried flowers.

Busy cottagecore kitchen with open shelving

Display things on open kitchen shelving.

Low beamed ceilings in a cottage

Embrace low, beamed, or slanted ceilings.

Cottagecore wall art

Look for granny-chic items like vintage teacups, lace doilies, and embroidery.

Copper pots and pans hanging

Hang your pots and pans, especially copper pieces.

Floral wallpaper and baby blue paint
Dainty floral interior design

Bring in dainty floral wallpaper. Or, use vertical shiplap paneling painted white or any other heritage color. Pairing these two looks gives your home a vintage and cottage feel.

Wood-burning fireplace
Cozy cottage fireplace
Fireplace in a cozy home
Cottage-style living room
Fireplace in a cottage
Wood stove

A fireplace in a cottage is very important and should be a focal point. If you don’t have a fireplace, use a wood stove. Surround it with beautiful baskets and flooring. On the mantel, put some antique pots and ornaments for rustic charm.

Pink cottagecore bedroom
Cottagecore bedroom
Cottagecore aesthetic in a bedroom

Add sensual and tactile bedding like extra pillows and bedspreads, all of which give off a granny-chic vibe. Use slightly clashing patterns, which is also a very vintage granny-chic look. Finally, hide all of your technology or at least conceal it.

Opposite of cottagecore interior design

White or shiny objects would not fit well into cottagecore, for example.

Cottagecore interior design

Remember that cottagecore interior design is all about teleporting yourself to an escapist oasis designed to counteract the pressures of modern life. I hope I was able to explain what a cottagecore home is all about. Let me know if I missed anything about the cottagecore aesthetic by leaving comments below.

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  • Diane Diane on Jan 22, 2024
    Yes, truly inspirational pictures! This is so what cottages should look like~~and, now, you have presented the perfect way to cross over from Farmhouse to "Cottage-core". Thank you so much! <3
  • Mas69933349 Mas69933349 on Jan 23, 2024
    I can relate to this! Love it