French Country Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Beyond

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

My home is currently styled with a French country aesthetic, and I just love the rustic yet elegant vibe that it creates in a home.

Whether you’re interested in designing a French country kitchen of your own or picking out some new French country kitchen decor, I’m happy to share my ideas with you so you can feel inspired.

With the help of these French country kitchen ideas, anyone can have the ambiance they’ve been looking for.

Blue and white apron


I have been loving the color blue lately, and I found this super cute apron at HomeGoods recently for just $12.99. I think it is so, so pretty. The best part about it is that it matches other items in the store as well, so I definitely couldn’t pass those up.

French country kitchen cabinets and aprons hung up

Plus, hanging it up on display next to my French country kitchen cabinets really makes a big impact.

Blue and white oven mitt and towel set

Oven mitt and towel set

This matching set came with an oven mitt, a potholder, and two tea towels for $12.99. I thought it was so pretty put all together like that.

Blue and white tea towel set

Tea towel set

I decided to go ahead and buy some more of those tea towels too. Each tea towel set came with 3 towels, and I got 2 of those so I would have extra tea towels in the house. The sets of tea towels were $7.99 a piece

Suction caddy

Suction caddy and scrub brushes

I also got another sink suction caddy for $4.99 because I thought that this one would match a little bit better than the one that I already had. The color matches my faucet, and I got some scrub brushes for the sink at $4.99 as well.

Suction caddy with a teacup and scrub brush

Antique milk glass and teacups

I wanted to do something a little more on the pretty side for the container that I'm going to place this brush in, and I decided to go with some pieces that I already have.

I found both of those pieces at an antique store many years ago, and I thought it would look so pretty with a milk glass and a blue and white teacup.

Antique milk glass and teacups

Another idea would be to display these pieces as decor on my French country kitchen island.

Antique mirror

Antique mirror

I want to quickly show you a few things that I picked up today for my living room. I was at the thrift store, and I found this mirror for only $2.99.

Bowl thrifted from Goodwill


At Goodwill, I found this bowl. It was $14.99. Unfortunately, it didn't have the pitcher to go along with it, but I thought it was so pretty.

Sugar and creamer set from Goodwill

Sugar and creamer set

I found this creamer and a sugar set at Goodwill too. Unfortunately, the top was missing, but I still think I can incorporate these pieces into my decor really beautifully. I love the cream color and both of those were only $1.99 apiece.

Copper mugs

Copper mugs

I loved these copper mugs. I don't know where I'm gonna place these just yet, but I know I can add them to my decor, and I just thought that they were so pretty. Those were $3.99 apiece.

End table

End table

Then, I found this end table. This was also $2.99. I'm going to paint it.

Milk glass bowl

Milk glass bowl

I also found this milk glass bowl. It was $22.99, which I don't think was that bad because it is milk glass.

Blue and white plates


I was going into the thrift store looking specifically for blue and white plates, and I found these, and I loved them. I thought they were so pretty. I wish that I found four, but there were only two, and I did grab those.

Decorating the table

I love to decorate my formal dining room table. I have always loved decorating it throughout the seasons, and I am going to show you how I add some subtle pops of blue here with my neutral decor.

Milk glass bowl from the thrift store

This is that piece that I picked up at the thrift store. It's a milk glass bowl, and I'm going to turn this into an arrangement. I would have loved to have fresh flowers for this but I didn't, so I'm going to use what I already have around the house.

Using tape to hold stems in place

Normally I would use floral tape, but I didn't have any of that on hand either, so I'm just gonna use some regular tape.

You can also use floral foam to keep all of your stems in place so they're not falling over, but this does make it easier when you're placing flowers in a vase or a bowl.

Filling the bowl with white hydrangeas and blue flowers

I'm adding some white hydrangeas that I have. I believe I picked those up at Hobby Lobby. I have these really pretty pale blue colored flowers from Dollar Tree too.

Summery tablescape

I want to give this tablescape a little bit of a summer feel, so I’m adding some sand and seashells to these apothecary jars, and I love how everything comes together.

Tablescape with pops of blue

I love the little tiny pops of blue, and I love how those decorative plates came out. It has a light and airy feel with the neutral colors that are in the seashells, the table runner, and the placemats.

Decorating with plates

Now I'm going to show you how I decorated with these plates. I am going to switch out the shelves that I have here in my kitchen. I had a few tea cups and some other pieces of china on here, but I wanted to make this all either white and blue or all white.

French country design ideas

I thought I would add a plate down here on the first shelf, then one on the top, and then for the white color, I'm going to use some milk glass vases that I found at garage sales, thrift stores, and antique shops.

French country design ideas

My gorgeous French country kitchen inspires a lot of design ideas throughout my home. I hope that it gave you some decorating inspiration for your home too. Let me know which decor pieces you like best down below.

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  • Tel48571557 Tel48571557 on May 18, 2024
    So beautiful I wish that I had thought of that idea when I was busy finding chickens for my kitchen. Your is so much better. Yours will never go out of style.
  • Carol Lopez Carol Lopez on May 24, 2024
    I also have a whole of blue and white plates. I hung them on the behind my kitchen in a slight arc. I also used platters in my formal dining room with various small plates. They were hung In a wide triangle shape. I no longer live in that house so I don’t have pictures to share. But I just love what you have done with your kitchen.