French Country Style Christmas Decor Ideas For the Kitchen

Monica Rose
by Monica Rose

I have a few French-Country-style Christmas decor ideas for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for your kitchen. I love creating cozy spaces in my home, and Christmas is my favorite time to do that.

I love having the fireplace going; I love lighting candles, having soft fluffy blankets on my sofa with plush pillows, and just all that cozy stuff that goes along with the wintertime, and it is cold outside.

Today, we are going to be working on the kitchen. I have my bins out ready to go through, and I will completely clear off my countertops. With a blank canvas, it's always easier.

Slim Christmas tree in a kitchen

Clean first

Before I get any of my decor up, I will give this space in my kitchen a good clean. This is the perfect time to give your kitchen a deep clean if you are decorating your kitchen or any space for that matter. I put my new curtains up, which I love.

French country window valances

So here are the new valances that I purchased, which came in two sets.

I ended up putting two of them up in my kitchen window, and then I will place one in my bathroom upstairs. These aren't necessarily Christmas, so if you decorate your kitchen with the color red, these are perfect. I think that floral print is just gorgeous, and I love the gathering on these.

Cutting board decor

Cutting board decor

I love decorating this cutting board that I have here in my kitchen. I thought I would use these large Christmas ornaments that I found at an antique store a couple of years ago and just place them here. I chose this pinecone star ornament with a bit of pine on it, and I think it looks beautiful.

Christmas lighting touches

Christmas lighting

I decorated the light that I have over my table and the lights that I have above my island using some pine and just creating a garland around this little area here on my chandelier.

I didn't want to add any garland to the lights in my kitchen because it was way too time-consuming, and I just felt like it looked good without it, but I wanted to show you guys that this is \a very simple way to add some pretty elegance to your lights.

Shabby chic scales with Christmas decor


I wanted to add some type of Christmas decor to the top of my refrigerator, and I wanted to do something a little different. I have had these white shabby chic or distressed-type scales, and I thought they would look cute.

I wanted to dress them up with some Christmas decor, so I thought I would add a pretty wreath and a cream-colored bow right here in the center; then, for the sides, I'm going to add some adorable Santa mugs and just fill those in with some pine.

Christmas sign above the stove

Above the stove

I wanted to add a little more warmth over here above my stove. I believe I added this sign last year or the year before, and I loved it, so I thought I would reintroduce it and just place it back up. I love this tin sign. I have been done with the signs otherwise. I think it looks very French country, and it's very fitting for the kitchen. I love that it has that pop of gold because I have some gold accents here, and I just love the warmth.

Now that everything is clean, I'll reintroduce all of my decor.

Kettle on the stovetop
Dish and hand soap dispensers

Reintroducing Christmas decor

I placed my teapot back on the stove and then my dish soap, hand soap, and little scrubber in my tray.

Christmas touches in a kitchen

I'm placing my canisters back on the counter, but I thought I would add a pretty pop of red to bring that Christmas decor over here.

So, I'm using a red burgundy ribbon. I'm just tying that up here at the top, and it looks super adorable.  

These beautiful canisters were purchased at Kirkland's a while ago without labels. I used my Cricut machine to make these labels, but I'm pretty sure you can find labels on Etsy if you want to add your own.

Over here in the corner, I'm using an antique Santa cookie jar with the hat missing. I found it at an antique store, and I'm just adding some wooden utensils in here and then a couple of my other utensils for the kitchen.

Adding ribbon to canisters

Next to my stovetop, I will add my oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper.

Since I was using the ribbon over my canisters, I thought I would add a pretty ribbon over here on this apothecary jar that holds my dishwasher tabs.

Treat jars for pets

I'm also adding Rocco's treats and Kirby's food jars here.

Christmas hand towels

Adding some Christmas hand towels is just the icing on the cake here in the kitchen. It adds that finishing touch. I didn't do a ton of crazy stuff here in the kitchen.

French Country Christmas kitchen

I feel like it was pretty minimal, but it adds a cozy Christmas feel without overdoing it.

French Country Christmas hutch

Christmas decor adjustments

When I decorate, I usually go back to my decorated spaces and change something around or add a little more to it because I come up with ideas after I have already put my decor up. So that is what I'm doing over here. I'm just replacing these little cloches that I have.

I had teacups in there with some greenery, and I thought they would look so much better if I added more of a Christmas look to them. I will also add some extra flocked Christmas trees up here on that top shelf.

French Country style Christmas decor

On the bottom, I'm going to add a little more of that Christmas greenery, and I think it looks a lot better.

I wanted to add some berries to this planter over here, so I'm just going to add some of those frosted berries to give it more of a Christmas feel. Everything looks so inviting, cozy, and elegant.

French Country style Christmas decor

I hope I've given you some French Country style Christmas decor ideas. Let me know in the comments what you have planned for decorating for Christmas this year. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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