How to Hang a Picture: Size, Proportion, Position & More

In this step-by-step tutorial, I'll guide you on how to hang a picture, address common mistakes, and provide tips to elevate your home decor. Have you ever wondered why your gallery wall doesn't quite hit the mark? Let's dive in and fix that!

Tools and Materials

  • Picture hooks
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Wall anchors (if needed)
  • Art pieces
Determining the hanging height

Step 1: Determine hanging height

For a single piece of art, aim for perfection by hanging it around 60 inches from the ground to the center of the piece. This aligns with the average eye level and ensures optimal visibility.

Grouping multiple pieces together

Step 2: Grouping multiple pieces

When dealing with multiple pieces, treat them as a unified grouping.

How to group wall art

Find the center of this grouping and hang it at 60 inches from the ground.

Maintaining spacing between artworks

Maintain a spacing of 3 to 6 inches between each piece for visually pleasing white space.

Considering the orientation of artwork

Step 3: Consider orientation

In spaces with unique dimensions, like narrow areas with tall ceilings, opt for a vertical orientation.

Narrow space
Hanging artwork in a vertical space
Artwork with vertical orientation
Balancing white space
Replacing landscape artwork with portrait

This choice provides better balance, draws the eye upward, and avoids awkward visual breaks.

Sofa with horizontal artwork
Proportion of artwork over a sofa

Step 4: Art above furniture

If you're placing art above furniture, ensure it spans about two-thirds of the furniture's width. Aim for a gap of six to ten inches between the furniture and the art piece. This creates a harmonious look.

Creating balance with hanging artwork

Step 5: Cheat a bit

Sometimes, rules can be bent. If you have a smaller piece of art, use complementary elements like a table lamp to create balance.

Artwork with other decor
Table lamp balancing with artwork

This cheat ensures nothing feels off and adds a touch of creativity to your display.

How to hang a picture

There you have it—a foolproof guide on how to hang a picture like a pro! Avoid common mistakes, and consider height, grouping, orientation, and furniture placement. Do you have a gallery wall? Share your ideas and projects in the comments below.

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    Very helpful! Using these measurements make it so much easier to get the correct visual effect.