Spring Mantel Decor: How to Spruce Up Your Home For the Season

It’s spring! That means it is time to collect a bunch of spring mantel decor ideas, shop your home as well as the stores, and start pulling out your old spring mantle decor, getting ready to spruce up your home just in time for the season. Join me as I host a spring decorate with me for 2024 and share some new and improved spring mantel ideas for 2024.

This is what our room looked like yesterday.

Here's what it looks like today. Do you notice anything different? I ended up painting the wall back to white. Now that spring is almost here and summer before we know it, I wanted to lighten and brighten again.

It is time to say goodbye to the canvas that I've had on the wall for quite some time. In its place, I will be adding a very colorful print that I found at HomeGoods.

With the print in place, now I can add something to each side, but just for fun, let's do it two different ways and you can tell me which way you like it better.

To start, I'm going to use the coffee table as my little workspace to create simple floral arrangements. Here's what I'll be using. I found the white florals and this pretty faux eucalyptus at Michaels. I'm pretty sure I found the pink florals last year at Dollar General.

These are the vases that I'll be using. I've had these for several years. I'm pretty sure I found them at Tuesday Morning.

This is a really simple arrangement to make. Just place the eucalyptus in the base first, and then layer the florals right on top, and mix it all together.

I now have the florals in place. I love how they frame the print.

I only have two so this would have to be a temporary fix until I can get more, but I added this taller grass right down the middle to give the arrangements a little bit of height. I really like how the grass ties in with the grass that's going on in the print as well.

If you look closely, the petals in the arrangement almost mimic those that are in the print. Now I could leave the mantle just like it is, but I want to add a little something right in the middle.

While I do love the arrangements alone, I feel like they are missing a little something to give it even more height. So let me try something. I think I'm going to add a couple of these little bunnies.

First, we'll go with my signature symmetrical style. How pretty is that? So what do you think of this look? It's very symmetrical. You've got your florals on each end balancing the print and then in the middle, you've got your bunnies and your eggs with the garland.

I love how it's almost an extension of the print, like the bunnies are playing in the grass.

You've got your candles at each end, again, for balance and symmetry, but then you've got your candles or your light in the middle from the eggs, and I love their reflection. You also have the colorful eggs to balance with the pink florals at each end as well.

Next, I’ll switch it up a tiny bit and go with an asymmetrical look. If you prefer more of an asymmetrical look, I can just make one little change.

I'm simply going to take the floral on this side away, along with the candle.

In its place, I'm going to add a book and two taller candles.

And then to tie it together a little bit on this end, I'm going to add a book here as well.

This is your asymmetrical look. You've got the candles on one side, balanced by the larger floral on the other, but I left everything in the middle the same. However, I did take the two candles, like I mentioned, away on each end. But looking at this, I'm going to make one more switch. I'll be right back.

Okay, so I switched the candles with the floral. Can you take a guess as to why I did that? Well, it's because the bulk of the greenery in the print is on the left hand side.

So if you're going to have one floral, I felt like having it over here was crowding it a bit visually. But if I place the floral on this side, now it's apart from each other. There's a little bit of balance, so I've kind of snuck in some symmetry. However, it looks a bit more asymmetrical.

Now that we're done with the mantle, I need to do something with the hearth in addition to cleaning the fireplace glass. I am not up for that challenge today, so let's just try to ignore all the spots over here.

In fact, I have the perfect way to hide them. There you go. Maybe now you'll focus on the chair and not the spots.

Then how about we cozy it up a bit with a simple throw and a leaping bunny pillow? Once again, I like how the florals in the pillow tie in with those in the print.

I could do something over on that side but I think for now I'm going to leave it empty only because I've got such a large chair right here. Visually, I don't want to crowd this area up too much but knowing me, that could change.

Spring mantel decorations

Thanks for hanging out with me today as I styled our fireplace with spring mantel decorations. Having a spring mantel is always a sure sign that warmer weather is on its way and flowers are blooming outdoors.

What is a must-have whenever you set out spring mantel decor? Share your favorite spring-inspired decor pieces in the comments section that follows. And don’t forget to let me know whether you’re digging the symmetrical look or asymmetrical look of my mantel better.

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