How to Style a Coffee Table For Fall in 4 Different Ways

Arranging your dining room table with seasonal items is always a good time, but today, I’m going to demonstrate how to style a coffee table.

I love the coffee table decor ideas I came up with so much that I am going to show you how to decorate a coffee table in four different ways. I hope the variety of options I share inspire you and your home this fall.

How to style a coffee table

Coffee table styling always starts with a blank slate. So clear everything off your table, clean it well, and get ready to start arranging.

Coffee table

Style 1

The Art of Home book from Shea McGee

For style 1, we’re going to start with The Art of Home book from Shea McGee. Books make great coffee table decor, and this one just came out. I placed it directly on the coffee table.

Styling a confit pot on a coffee table with berry stems

Right next to it, I added my absolute favorite confit pot that I purchased from Olive Ateliers. Inside, I'm using these beautiful berry stems that are spray painted.

Scalloped bowl with autumn leaves

Next, I added this gorgeous scalloped bowl and some leaves from outside.

Styling candlesticks on a coffee table

Lastly, I added the Live Beautiful book by Athena Calderone, a Paris book that I thrifted, and two candle holders from Hobby Lobby. They have three different heights, and they are stunning.

Styling a coffee table for fall

I am absolutely obsessed with the first look. I love it so much. I think the leaves in the bowl really added that touch of fall I needed.

Style 2

Styling a match holder on a coffee table

For style 2, I decided I wanted a match holder to sit right in the middle of the coffee table. So I added it there. This one is from Creative Co-Op on Amazon.

Rice jar with autumnal stems

I left the books in place. Then, I added this gorgeous rice jar and stems that I purchased online.

Styling a coffee table with sage and a magnifying glass

Right next to it, I wanted to do a little bit more styling, so I added this cute little tray with some sage and a little magnifying glass.

Styling a pumpkin candle

On the other coffee table books, I added a pumpkin candle that I got from Target.

Adding a bowl with leaves to the coffee table

Since I’m obsessed with the bowl and leaves, I added that back on the table as well.

Warm coffee table styling for fall

This look is a bit more on the warmer side, which I love. It has a pop of color and is more practical because you have the candle and matches within your hand's reach.

Style 3

Bare faux branches in a rice jar

For style 3, I kept most of the decor in place and created another version of style 2.

To accomplish this, I added bare faux branches in the rice jar, but you can even do real ones. There are tons of different shops where you can find them. Hobby Lobby has real branches, you could forage them from outside, or get them from Michaels like I did last year.

Fall-to-winter coffee table styling

What I love about this concept is that it gives it a fall-to-winter vibe since the leaves fell off the branch and ended up in the bowl. I think it looks very beautiful. It might not be the perfect one for fall, but I think it's the best styling for a fall-to-winter transition. I will say this one is my favorite style so far.

Style 4

Styling coffee table books

For style 4, I left The Art of Home book there because it's the perfect styling book. Plus, I want to keep reading it so this way, I am keeping it accessible.

Glass pumpkin

I scooted the other books over, and I added this beautiful glass pumpkin that I found at HomeGoods last year.

Adding a marble tray to the coffee table

Next to it, I added this marble tray from Target, my match holder, and this gorgeous antique candle holder that I found at the thrift store.

Adding a warmer-toned pot to the coffee table

For the pot, I decided to do this warmer-toned one from Hobby Lobby. I really love the way it looks.

Adding marble coasters to the tray

Then, I added some of these marble coasters, which add to the practicality of being able to have coasters easily accessible for cups.

Grape ivy branches in a pot

For the stems, I decided that I wanted to use grape ivy branches from Afloral. I love how wispy they are.

Coffee table decor ideas for fall

Here is the final look for the last version. I personally love the one with the bare branches. That one's my absolute favorite and also the first one.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

If you were wondering how to style a coffee table before, you are now an expert in that area. With 4 different styles at your fingertips, you’re ready to style your coffee table at home like a professional.

Which design style is your favorite? Let me know what pieces you love most below.

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  • Sue Sue on Nov 11, 2023
    Each style is lovely! But my favorite is the second one. The touch of color gives it a warmer feeling.
  • Joelene DeFranco Joelene DeFranco on Nov 14, 2023
    I don't design symmetrically. I also would not put a lit candle on top of books.