How to Design a Front Door Entryway: Tips & Ideas

This week, I’m working on some front-door entryway ideas for Jamie and her family. They live in a ranch-style house built in the 1950s and have a little design dilemma at the moment.

After recently repainting their front door a bright yellow, they now need help deciding what other steps they can take to draw the eye up to the door and make it feel like an inviting entrance for guests.

I’m going to come up with some simple solutions for them and show you exactly what I suggest to fix them right up. In the process of helping them out, I’ll show you how to design a front door entryway anyone would love.

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How to design a front door entryway

To create unique front door design ideas specifically for Jamie and her family, I immediately started making a checklist of what I felt like their space needed.

Making over a porch

I then completed a rough drawing based on my checklist because I wanted to give them a visual representation of the shapes, heights, and other elements I would be using in that space.

Adding a water feature

Water feature

The first idea I came up with is to add a little water feature. I really like that idea because it adds a ton of visual appeal.

Moving the elephant ear


We also had a big blank wall to take care of. So we're gonna hang something there temporarily for the moment until a more permanent solution can be dealt with.

What I suggested to them was to move their elephant ear there for now and when they redo all of their landscaping in the spring, to add an evergreen shrub in that exact same spot in order to fill that space entirely. I also had them add some potted plants and wall-mounted planters.

Creating an entryway

Creating an entryway

Once Jamie and her family were on board with the plans, we did a lot of shopping and brought all the pieces back to the job site to place on the front porch.

Building the water feature

First, we built the water feature.

Stacking smaller clay pots

We stacked several smaller clay pots inside a larger clay pot

Filling the empty space with dirt

We then filled the empty space around the larger pot with dirt.

White flowers in a plant pot

Next, we added seasonal colors around the edges with flowering plants.

Filling the fountain with water

Then, we filled it with water to test the pump.

Potted plants on the steps

After that, we placed the evergreen shrubs and potted seasonal colors on the steps below the fountain.

Spray-painting wall-mounted file holders

Our next project was to spray-paint two wall-mounted file holders from HomeGoods to use as planters on the brick wall on the front porch.

Adding plants to the trellis

They made perfect pocket-sized containers for the plants and softened the visually empty space.

Plants in the trellis

I'm so excited. Her front porch looks so cute now with all the new plants and flowers.

Fountain with flowers around it

The little fountain also adds something special to the ambiance.

How to design a front door entryway

How to design a front door entryway

When thinking up front door entryway ideas for your home, I want you to see that design elements are the same no matter what spaces you’re working with. Adding height, texture, and color draws your eye away from certain things and toward others.

Keep that in mind when you're trying to design your own entrance. Doing so proves that you’ve learned how to design a front door entryway like an expert, giving it that wow factor you’ve been searching for.

What are your favorite items to include in a front door entryway? Share your thoughts down below.

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  • Gml16408878 Gml16408878 on Feb 18, 2024
    I purchased small arborvitae trees (about 4 feet tall, only 15.00 each) and put them in pretty pots for both sides of the front door. They are hardy and go through the winter months here in upstate NY! Then in the other seasons, I add the potted flowers along with them. When the trees get too big for the pots they can be put in the ground, but they are grow slow enough in the pots to get several years out of them without. Green year round! I also have a small waterfall/pond that the children in my life fill w/ tadpoles and small fish that they collect in the spring/summer months. (has to be put away for our winters though!)