What Shape Coffee Table Will Work Best in My Living Room?

Melissa Karl
by Melissa Karl

I want to share a question I get asked often by my clients. That question is: How do I know what shape coffee table will look best with my sofa shape and in my living room space?

Here are my recommendations on how to choose a coffee table.

Different size and shape or coffee tables

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes.

How big should a coffee table be?

What size coffee table is best?

Be sure that you select a table that is at least half and no more than two-thirds the length of your sofa. When selecting a coffee table shape, you will have the choice of a round, square, rectangle, or oval - so take that into account as well.

Round coffee table
U-shape sectional sofa
Sofawith a chaise

Round coffee tables

Round tables are a good choice when you have a sectional, especially if it is a U-shaped sectional or a sectional with a chaise. A small round table will work nicely in a smaller room when your walkways are tight.

Irregular round coffee table

Irregular round coffee table

I also recommend using a round or an irregular round in a sitting room where you only have accent chairs.

Square coffee table with a sectional sofa
Square coffee table

Square coffee tables

A square coffee table also works well with sectionals and in living rooms where you have larger furniture groupings.

When to choose a rectangular coffee table
Rectangular coffee table with sofas either size
Rectangle coffee table

Rectangle coffee tables

A rectangle-shaped table always looks great between a standard sofa and two accent chairs. Or when you have two sofas across from each other.

Oval coffee table

Oval coffee tables

If you have little ones around and the walkways are tight, you may want to consider an oval-shaped table that has rounded corners.

What shape coffee table works in your space?

I hope these quick tips on how to choose a coffee table are helpful.

What sizes and shapes of coffee tables have you used in your space? Have you had challenges finding coffee tables for your living room? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Alison Tagita Alison Tagita on Jan 13, 2024
    I'm surprised you made no mention of the heights for the tables, with so many new styles of sofas🙁.But thank you for the ideas of the rounded edge rectangles.😊