Simple Summer Decor Refresh For a Coastal Farmhouse Vibe

Today let’s do some summer decor and styling in my home. I’m also trying to clean up a little bit for the summer, too. The best way I can describe my house is that it’s coastal farmhouse.

1. Rug

I added a washable rug for the entryway that leads in and out of the garage.

2. Dining table and centerpiece

I’m restyling this dining room table so nothing gets dumped there during the summer. I love changing out the centerpiece–it makes a home feel completely different. These pieces add a unique and simple touch to the summer season.

3. My robot vacuum

I love my robot vacuum–it chugs along and lets me focus on doing what I enjoy while it works for me.

4. Cushions and ottomans

I put extra cushions upholstered in ticking under my table in the family room. We just take them out when we need them. They add warmth and texture into my space.

We use this big ottoman to do lots of activities together like coloring and sticker books. It’s so easy to clean and makes it a really family-friendly area.

5. Decluttering time in the entry

I’m decluttering for the summer!

I also have to fix the blinds that my dog accidentally broke.

I’m going to keep going cleaning, decluttering, and moving some things around for my summer decor. Let me know what you’re doing for your summer decorating! Leave me comments and share your thoughts.

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