My Summer Farmhouse Decorating Ideas For the New Season

I'm taking you into my kitchen to give you summer farmhouse decorating ideas. I can't wait to show you how I continue decorating with my vintage blue theme for summer. It's clean and airy, ready for the summer breezes to float in.

Now, most of everything is cleared out of here, and any of the things that I had to climb to decorate have already been decorated, so I'm not showing you too much of the window and the shelves as those have already been done. It's just time to clean it all up and then decorate it. So come along with me as we get my kitchen decorated for the summer months.

Corner decor

I got this tray from Hobby Lobby. It's a smaller one, and you're going to see the larger one; I'm going to use it later. But I'll place that right here, and I've got a little cutting board. This little lamp has been on my hutch for years and years. I thought it was time to change it up. I really like how this looks in here.

I've got my farmhouse-style ladder to go with the vintage blue that I'm doing here in my kitchen this summer. I have a little wooden ornament there with a rooster on it and a creamer with some measuring spoons. For summer and the festive holidays coming up, I have the little red timer and this tiny little cloche with a couple of strawberries in it, and there I can go right into the festive holidays with the red, white, and blue vignette.

The next area I want to decorate is another cutting board. I love cutting boards—a little riser. I've got this blue. I'm just going to place it there and add some greenery, which will complete that area.

Stove area

The next area I'm moving into is on my stove. I have this noodle board made from wormy chestnut.

For this area, I have my scale, and there is a berry bowl that I thrifted, and I got these strawberries, these faux strawberries. You can tell up close they're fake, but from a distance, they do look real. I had just some little greenery leaves that matched, and I placed them on the scale.

My next item is a cutting board that my husband made for me. I'm going to use it as a little riser. I have a set of three stacking bowls that I thrifted, and to stack them, I've got these little sauce bowls from my dish set and the everyday set, and I'm going to sit that in there.

I'm going to angle this bowl a little bit at the side. I've got another sauce bowl I'm going to sit down there. You can't see. Then, in the top one, I've added some strawberries for summer, and my stacking bowls are there. To go with my strawberry theme, I have a couple of little berry baskets and just a couple of little strawberries in them. The salt and pepper shaker, I believe, came from Hobby Lobby this year. Now, add some old ones and some new ones.

I have my Roseville bowl, and I have some old potato mashers that I'll drop there. I love how the handles look. You can tell how old those are. I'm just dropping the biscuit cutters in there. I did find the little timer and a strawberry. I believe that was from Hobby Lobby this year, and I got these last year, I believe, from Hobby Lobby in the red. They are measuring cups, and I want to set them up there.

I have one more thing I want to add, and that is a vintage apron that I thrifted. I want to add this: I could add it up in the bowl on the stove and have it draped over, or I can have it here on the stove ready to grab, just like you would a tea towel. So, let's move on to the next area.

Counter decor

In this next area, that's right; I'm adding another cutting board in this light bamboo color.

To continue with my vintage blue, I found this rug on

When you look over here at the right, there are my pantry doors and my calendar, and I thrifted the frame that it goes in. All of this is thrifted, except for the cutting board back there that came from Hobby Lobby. And the basket is all ready for fresh-picked flowers or vegetables out of the garden.

Hanging here on the end of the counter is just a plain white kitchen towel, a little pillow that says blessed in the vintage blue, and a couple of little wooden items added there on the hook.

Up here, I have the tray.

This is the larger tray from Hobby Lobby, and the vases are from Hobby Lobby this year. I added a vintage rolling pin and some little blueberries to go along with the vintage blue.


Over here are just some farmhouse-style faux eggs in a wire basket, and the vintage vegetable basket has lettuce and cabbage. I got those from Hobby Lobby, and I added them with a blue napkin along with some vintage seed packets that I ordered from eBay.

Up on the first shelf, I have an ironstone platter back there to highlight the blue pitcher and gravy boat, some cutting boards, and my live plant.

Up at the top is the vase that I thrifted and a cutting board from Hobby Lobby milk glass jar thrifted in another platter along with some thrifted candlesticks that I painted.

The market sign is from Hobby Lobby this year.


I did add some vintage blue curtains to my window, and I still have my vine, which is growing a little bit. I love the greenery. Over here on the cutting board that remains here, and I use this when I use my crock pot so that it doesn't get hot on my countertop. But that is a little egg holder from Hobby Lobby.

Sink area

The vintage dish strainer came from eBay. Another clear milk bottle that goes along with the farmhouse scene and the chicken and the rooster plates that you've seen thrifted. I love that color because, as you can see, a lot of the items that I have in my kitchen are red, white, and blue.

That is a Roseville vintage crock, and I have my scrubber in there.

I moved this plant back over here by my window because it needs constant water in those terracotta pots.

Up there is just some little greenery hanging on the side of the cabinet and my coffee bar.

There are some jars with copper cookie cutters and my honey teaspoons.

Over here is my slate cutting board that came from Hobby Lobby a while back and my vintage tea pitcher with the blue stripe. I put some faux ivy in it.

I hope you were able to get summer farmhouse decorating ideas you can use. I like the fact that I have vintage blue, but I can easily add red and white for the summer holidays. Let me know in the comments below how you decorate your kitchen for summer.

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  • Suzie Suzie on May 31, 2024
    I have never heard of a noodle board. Makes sense though. I used to make noodles with my great aunt Edith. She left them to dry in front of the window on top of her chest freezer. She had the freezer because she still had an old Frigidaire refrigerator that had a little cubble hole freeze that just held some metal ice cube trays! So elephant in the room question, how do you use your stove top?
  • Pat jones Pat jones on May 31, 2024
    Love your styling