8 Interior Design Trends For 2024: Update & Refresh Your Home

Today, I'm going to share some upcoming interior design trends for 2024. I want to start off by saying this, though. Trends are not the end-all-be-all when it comes to homemaking. Choose what you love for your home and that will make it beautiful by itself.

Trend forecasting of interior design trends for 2024 is a great way to make your home feel fresh and updated, but at the end of the day, you need to follow your heart. So let's get into the first trend.

Moody neutral colors

1. Moody neutral colors

Moody neutral colors are the hottest interior design color trends of 2024. As we finally move away from the gray trend, I am seeing lots of warm neutrals being used.

Brown neutrals

In fact, shades of brown seem to be the gray replacement.

Warm and cozy brown neutrals

These neutrals invite warmth and coziness in a way gray never could.

Rich, deep neutrals

Not only am I seeing these warm neutrals being used, but I'm seeing rich, deep tones being selected.

Dark, cozy room

Even in small spaces where we've been told you should only use light colors to create an illusion of a bigger room, dark colors are being chosen instead to lean into creating a cozier feeling.

Large alcove range hood 1

2. Large alcove range hoods

With larger kitchens being built, I'm seeing a trend toward making the stove the eye-catcher in the space.

Large alcove range hood 2

This is done by leaving a larger amount of space for the hood and sometimes even the entire wall is left to be an architectural centerpiece of the kitchen.

Large alcove range hood 3

More specifically, these range hoods are textured or made of plaster, which gives an earthy feel to the space.

Large alcove range hood 4

Kitchens can often feel cabinet-heavy and lack visual interest. I believe we will see a pretty big shift in the styles of kitchens this year, and large-range hoods will become the focal point of the kitchen.

Large alcove range hood 5

So if you have the space, these large range hoods provide personality and interest in a wonderful way.

Dining table with scalloped edge

3. Scalloped edges

Scalloped edges are being used to bring in more detail to designs, whether it be on the ruffle of a pillow, the edge of a dish, or even on furniture.

Armchairs with scalloped trim

They add a feminine touch to any space and bring such charm to whatever they touch, so consider adding them to a space that lacks character or needs a hint of girly class.

Dresser with scalloped bottom

I think scalloped edges are a super fun way to enhance a space.

Mirror with scalloped frame

It would go perfectly in the home of someone with a grand millennial-designed home, a child's bedroom, or a woman's office.

Plush chairs with scalloped bottom

Be on the lookout for scalloped edges. We're about to see a lot of them.

Scenic mural on a wall

4. Scenic murals

This is a big one. Wall murals are back, folks, but this time, with a little more class.

Scenic mural wallpaper

I've seen lots of beautiful landscapes being used to cover large walls in dining rooms, hallways, and offices.

Murals across the walls of the room

Whether hand-painted or wallpapered, murals are going to be used to bring character to a space that otherwise would be boring.

Wallpaper murals

I personally love this trend.

Wallpaper mural in interior design

I think there is such beauty to be found in wall murals. They bring back to life an old charm and they revive a feeling of history.

Scenic mural on the upper half of a wall

So if you're looking for a way to spruce up a space, a scenic wall mural may be the way to go.

Statement lampshades

5. Lampshades

Lampshades have spent the past few years falling into a boring category, but no more. Lampshades are becoming a statement of their own.

Cute checkered lampshade

Again, I'm seeing scalloped edges, but also empire shades, pleats, patterns, and ruffles, even wicker.

Charming lampshade

I feel like I've used the word charm a lot, but really what other word can I use to describe how wonderfully charming these shades are?

Lampshade with scalloped edges

What a fantastic way to bring color and pattern into a space.

Tilework in a bathroom

6. Tilework

Backsplashes, floors, and even ceilings are being given new life with unique tilework.

Tilework in interior design

Now, clean and simple tiles will always have a place in design, but the trend of using pattern and textured tiles is on the rise.

Tilework up to the ceiling in a shower

I'm seeing tilework in showers being taken up the ceiling as well, rather than stopping at the wall.

Full walls of tilework

Full walls are being given tile work as well, giving great interest to otherwise simple spaces.

Mix of tile styles in a bathroom

This kind of tile work needs to be done tastefully as too much in a home could give a sterile feel, but overall I love this trend.

Textured walls and woodwork

7. Textured walls and woodwork

Textured walls and woodwork are some interior design trends for 2024 in living rooms that you will not want to miss. This trend started making its way back when shiplap was trendy, but now it's morphing into some other styles as well, like board and batten or planked walls.

Picture frame molding

And not to mention more classic styles, like picture frame molding and chair rails, are coming back.

Board and batten walls

Another one of those styles is textured walls.

Molding treatments on walls

As I mentioned earlier with the plaster hood range, plaster walls and lime-washing are on the rise in design.

Plaster walls and lime-washing

This gives a room character and age in the best kind of way.

Blue lime-washed walls

If you have a newly built home and are attempting to give it a more lived-in, established feel, consider lime-washing your walls.

Checkerboard patterns in interior design

8. Checkerboard

I'm seeing a rise in checkerboard patterns being used in the home.

Checkerboard tile flooring

Now, checkerboard is a timeless option and when used appropriately, gives a lovely charm to any space.

Checkerboard tiles in a shower

When used in flooring or backsplash, it is especially timeless.

Checkerboard rug

But overall, I'd say it's a more trendy choice for rugs and clothing.

Checkerboard tilework

So I would personally avoid using too much checkerboard because I believe we will look back on it the same way we do chevron patterns.

Checkerboard tiles in a kitchen

That's not to say don't incorporate it into your designs. I recommend doing so sparingly and with intention.

2024 interior design trends

So what do you think about these upcoming interior design trends for 2024? Do you love them and want to use them in your own home or do you think maybe they're not for me? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Lori Lori on Jan 29, 2024
    I am so happy to see the return of brown. Grey has had the spotlight for far too long. Some of these new trends are wonderful. I will be trying the checker board look and lampshades . I will use the checker board in area rugs or pillows that can be easily changed when trends change. I hate the boxy range hoods and would never use that amount of space for a trend that will be quickly replaced.
  • Lisadoll Lisadoll on Feb 27, 2024
    it’s called “traditional” style for a reason.murals, moulding, checkerboard, tile.of course it gives you a feeling of history.. been around forever, never going “out of style” .