Why 100% Polypropylene is the Best Material for Outdoor Rugs

Today, we're going to discuss the best material for outdoor rugs and how to choose one. I love designing with outdoor rugs in spaces that have roofs. It's so hot, humid, and rainy in our environment that you can easily ruin an outdoor rug like that. So, I wanted to show you my go-to material for any outdoor rug.

I'm sitting right here on one porch with different rugs. There are actually three rugs in this space, and all three of them are made out of 100 % polypropylene.

So, whenever you shop online anywhere or in-store, flip over that rug, look at the tag, and see that it is made of a hundred percent polypropylene.

It's hard to say, but it's what you should be putting on your porches.

Polypropylene is plastic, but they have become so ingenious with the way they're making these rugs that they can make them look like an oriental rug and Indian style. They can make them look like so many different and beautiful rug styles that you love to put inside your home, but they're more durable for the outside.

You can see this one here has a really low pile.

The one that's braided here is an entirely different texture visually and pile-wise, and then, of course, you can get ones that have even higher piles on them, as I say, which is the thickness of the threads on the rug if you want to call it that.

Again, polypropylene is what you need if you want to be able to put an outdoor rug in your space. Now, I prefer to put them underneath a roof line so they're not getting wet in our environment, but to each their own. If you want to put that out in an exposed space, it's most likely to cause mildew and mold. However, you do you, but make sure it's polypropylene because it will last the longest.

So get out there and shop for these; keep your eye out for polypropylene, which is the best material for outdoor rugs. What outdoor space will you be using a rug in? Share your design plans in the comments below.

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