How to Select & Style Neutral Living Room Decor

Today, we will be doing a little bit of decorating here in my living room with neutral living room decor. I will tone some things down slightly to ease into the cooler months. I want it to feel a little more moody and relaxed.

We will rearrange some pieces of decor and give it a bit of a different vibe, but nothing too far off from what it is already. I'm also going to be incorporating some new furniture pieces.

Ceramic candleholder

Accent pieces

First up is the ceramic candle holder. This is super pretty, and I love the texture of this piece. This can genuinely go on any surface.

Stool ottoman

Next is the stool ottomans. These are super pretty. This is an ash wood, and then it has a woven top; I love the natural elements.

Black metal ladder

I also ended up getting a black metal ladder.

This is actually for a bathroom. It has suction on the top so that it can suction to bathroom tile for towels, but I'm planning to remove the suction and use it in my living room.

Folding chair
Folding chair and ladder styling

Another of my favorite pieces is this folding chair.

This goes perfectly with those stool ottomans you will see in just a minute. I will be styling those together, but this is a beautiful piece. I love the woven texture, that ash wood, and something very versatile. You can also fold this up for storage.

Styling ideas

So, for the first styling idea, we will take this chair and unfold it here in the corner. I layer it with this tree in the background for a pop of contrast and some life. Then, I will add the stool ottoman to the end.

To add a little more warmth and dimension, I will take a brown plaid blanket, simply fold it, and place it over the chair for a live-in feel. I’m not going to go with this styling.

Next up, we're going to be styling the chair along with the ladder as well.

So I will take the ladder in the corner, propping it up, and then placing that same plaid blanket over it. This will be more of a tossed look, so very relaxed, nothing structured. Instead of having a blanket on the chair this time, I will warm it up with a pillow.

Ottomans placed on a long rug


I placed the ottomans at the end of the living room to provide additional seating while adding neutral, organic tones to the room.

Fireplace mantel styling

Fireplace mantel styling

I wanted to change my fireplace mantel just a little bit, so I rearranged and added some different greenery. I'm taking the other one down and adding those black candlesticks on the opposite side. I wanted to keep the neutral living room decor cohesive with the black candlesticks and ladder.

Candle holder styling

Last but not least, I will show a couple of ways to style this candle holder. I have it layered with the ceramic vase on the fireplace mantel.

First, on a tray on our coffee table next to a flower arrangement.

Styling the ceramic candleholder

I'm going to be placing the candle holder on our console table, layered with some books and another faux plant, just for added texture and dimension in this space.

I decided to go ahead and keep the ladder over in the corner because I like the look of the chair and the ottoman. So now we'll spruce it up as well. As far as pillows and blankets and things like that, pretty much everything else will stay the same.

Replacing decor

So, with all that being said, it is time to go ahead and start decorating. I think I will start here in the coffee table area first, and then we will work our way to the back corner and so on. Starting with our coffee table, I will replace a few things.

Wicker tray with a flower arrangement

So, I'm removing the flower arrangement and the lighter wicker tray and replacing them with a darker woven basket and another little arrangement. So this is more of a rustic look, very dark and relaxed.

Ottoman stool with a book and planter

Moving to another little side table next to our couch, I will place a large book box with another arrangement.

I love this look next to the couch. I will place a book box that I keep my remote in and a little faux plant to complete this space and add some color and dimension.

Again, this is very toned down and rustic looking, so I have a small asparagus fern and a vase from Hobby Lobby. I found both of these on sale at the beginning of the year.

Adding a planter to the corner

Styling the corner space

Next, we are moving to the corner. So this is something that I have been wanting to add some color and life to for a while now. It's been very dull.

I'm going to be taking some landscape art, and the one that I'm hanging up first is a clearance find from Hobby Lobby from the beginning of the year. The smaller one here is new, and the last one is from Amazon, and I also love this.

Now that the pictures are hung up, we will place the tree here. This adds a lot of depth, and it just really completes this corner. We have a lot of awkward corners in our space, and I find that faux trees are doing the job, and they fill it so well.

Hall tree styling

Moving along to the hall tree, I will take a few pieces and switch these around.

So, I have a faux plant that was a little more vibrant, along with a picture, and I'm just going to replace it with a thrifted picture. Again, this one is more muted, toned down, and more rustic looking, along with another large asparagus fern arrangement.

Entryway styling

Entryway styling

The last area we will focus on is this little entryway. So I had a brighter-colored summery magazine along with a fern wreath. I'm just going to replace those with a darker basket with some greenery and a more neutral magazine.

Entryway console table styling

This is the final look for the console table.

A lot of these items were already in this room. I just switched them around. So, switching things up and just using what you have can make all the difference.

All of the decor itself is things I've had already, and I like to give them a little bit of a facelift by switching some things around. So it's very simple: use your imagination, get creative, and see what you can do to create a new space in your home.

Neutral living room decor

Do you have neutral living room decor? How do you add color or focal points to your room? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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