7 Top Picks For the New Studio McGee X Target Collection Fall 2024

Is it that time of year already? It feels like summer has barely begun, but fall decor is already being displayed in stores.

In particular, I always love to check out what the new season of Target's Studio McGee collection will bring (you can check out my top picks for their spring 2024 collection here).

And I'm not the only one! This video by Jessica's Humble Abode covers the new Studio McGee fall decor for 2024. It's really helpful because, like Jessica, I have my favorite picks from the Target website, but sometimes the products can look different in person:

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OK, so based on Jessica's observations, here are my favorite picks from the new Studio McGee x Target fall collection:

Image from Target

1. Magnolia Wreath

This magnolia and olive wreath with a rusty brown velvet ribbon detail is really beautiful and a perfect transitional piece with the browning leaves. Depending on your decor, I think it could work well on a front door into Thanksgiving and even Christmas.

Jessica notes that it looks great in person too, so the wreath is top of my list.

Image from Target

2. Lumbar Throw Pillow

Next is this woven plaid lumbar throw pillow in a cozy brown. I already liked this as it's an easy neutral to style and very versatile.

Image from Target

However, one detail I didn't notice until I watched Jessica's video is the gold zipper with a leather tassel, which really elevates the piece.

Image from Target

3. Glass Hurricane Taper Candle Holder

Usually, I'm a scented candle kind of girl (and don't think I didn't notice the 3-wick blackberry and eucalyptus and blush tonka candles in this collection), but the twisted taper candles in the hurricane vase look so gorgeous!

4. Taper Set

What's more, the tapered candles come in a pack of four with two white/cream and two in that same rusty brown color we saw in the velvet ribbon in the magnolia wreath.

At only $10, I think the candles are great value, plus they would also work for Halloween decor. There's a version in white and green, but they're not twisted and I think I prefer the burnt orange color and twisted detail instead.

Image from Target

5. Marble Candle Tray

Speaking of candles, this marble candle tray is the top seller in this collection and one of Jessica's favorites too. I see what she means about having to buy this piece in person though, as the color varies from grays to browns.

I love the scalloped detail and this is still one of my top picks, but not necessarily for fall. I prefer this for summer or as a neutral piece I can display in all seasons in many different places in my home. At the moment, I'm thinking in the bathroom area next to some pinkish seashells.

Image from Target

6. Marbled Ceramic Decorative Bowl

This piece wasn't on my radar until Jessica's video, but I like how it looked in the video. Again, this feels more like summer than fall to me, but that's good because then the decor has more of a lifespan in my home.

Image from Target

7. Fruit Still Life Wall Art

I don't like how this frame is styled in the first picture, but I still really love this piece of wall art. The fruit is very warm and pops with color, but the background in grays and white mean it would work in a cooler-toned room as well.

Does anyone know what fruit this is? I want to say pear, but I can't tell. Either way, apples or pears, this would be so cozy in my kitchen or dining room. I don't use a lot of gold in my decor, but I could always switch out the frame. It's very fitting for fall and harvest season.

Your thoughts

What do you think of these Studio McGee pieces? I'm really loving this collection, perhaps even more than the spring, though - as Jessica mentioned - a lot of the spring pieces are still available and now on clearance, so you can always mix and match.

Let me know what you think in the comment below.

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