How to Decorate a Bedroom Inspired by Taylor Swift's Folklore Album

I'm a massive Taylor Swift fan, so when I saw this video by Sharrah Stevens on a bedroom makeover inspired by Taylor's Folklore album, I was inspired!

I love the Folklore aesthetic: black and white vintage photographs, long flowing summery dresses (and cozy cardigans!), forest scenery and wildflowers, moss-covered wooden cabins, August swimming in the lake, cottagecore wispy braids... and I think these vibes are perfect for a summery guest bedroom.

Here's Sharrah's video and below are my top picks for curating a Folklore-inspired bedroom:

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Album Cover Artwork

The easiest place to start is the Folklore album artwork; a black-and-white forest scene with a single person amongst the towering trees and sunlight breaking through the branches.

A framed poster print of this sets the scene for the bedroom:

Folklore Taylor Swift Album Cover Poster Print

Image by Walmart

Floral Bedding

Next is the bedding, as the bed is of course the focal point of the room.

This Walmart set is perfect for the Folklore aesthetic; the black-and-white illustrations of plants and wildflowers look like they're straight out of a herbal remedies book. It's the perfect combination of summery and breezy vs cozy and warm.

SPRINDAY Queen Comforter Set

Of course, you need some throw pillows to bring some color to the black and white, and complete the look! I like the rich spring colors of these embroidered pillow covers:

Olive Green Folk Art Pillow

Spring Floral Embroidered Throw Pillow Cover


You could add a throw pillow, but I think it makes more sense to drape the knitted cardigan over the chair or bed.

Central to the James-Augustine-Betty love triangle that plays out over a trio of songs, the cardigan with star patches became a key piece of merchandise that Taylor sent out to famous friends during the Folklore era:

Women Oversized Knit Cardigan

Image by Amazon

Woodsy Wallpaper

Similar to the floral bedding, woodsy wallpaper creates that same feeling of being quiet and isolated in the forest. This peel-and-stick option on Amazon is very effective:

17.7" X 118"Birch Tree Wallpaper White and Brown

Image by Wayfair

Simple Furniture

For the summer feel, the furniture should be light wood, something warm, classic, and simple.

Aleily Upholstered Standard 3 Piece Bedroom Set

Summer Scents

One of my favorite tracks on Folklore, August is all about young summer romance and the nostalgia that follows. This coastal sea salt scented candle is perfect for that vibe, with the opening lyrics to the song, "Salt air and the rust on your door" on the front:

Salt Air Rust On Your Door candle

The Folklore Cabin

Now onto the decor! The wooden cabin is a motif that's used throughout the Folklore and Evermore eras.

Taylor recorded an acoustic version of the album at a cabin in the Long Pond Sessions and first performed atop and inside a moss-covered cabin at the 2021 Grammys. She still uses that cabin during the Folklore era section of the The Eras Tour.

Here's a mini version that would work great on a nightstand or dresser:

Mini Folklore Cabin

Wordsworth Poems

Taylor name-checks Wordsworth in the bonus track The Lakes, about a time of grief in the lake district.

So, instead of coffee table books, this adorable trio of Wordsworth poem collections, themed around nature, birds, and flowers (with gorgeous covers) are perfect for Folklore:

The Book of Nature: Wordsworth's Poetry on Nature

The Book of Flowers: Wordsworth's Poetry on Flowers

The Book of Birds: Wordsworth's Poetry on Birds

Peter Pan

Another book to pop on the nightstand is Peter Pan, which is referenced in Cardigan. A dogeared copy of the play with the original 1911 hits the right vintage vibe:

Peter Pan: With the Original 1911 Illustrations

More Folklore-inspired decor

I would have loved to include a mirrorball in here, a golden "invisible" string, or some planetary visuals (love you to the moon and to Saturn!), but I'm not sure whether those pieces would accurately fit the aesthetic. Let me know if you find something that would fit!

What do you think of these Folklore-inspired bedroom ideas? Should I do a follow-up inspired by the sister album Evermore, more focused on the witchy winter side of the aesthetic, or continue the series across Taylor's other eras?

Let me know in the comments below.

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