How to Create a Stylish & Warm Space With Gray Flooring

If you're having trouble with your gray flooring, stick around. I'm going to show you how to transform these gray floors with stylish pieces from Home Depot, without breaking the bank.

A common mistake people make is thinking that adding more gray will solve the problem. But once you add any accent color, it stands out too much. The secret is to use a warm transition color like beige. Beige is always reliable and never boring.

We'll start with an off-white paint for the walls and layer an abstract rug over a jute rug. This helps transition between all the gray. Gray pairs nicely with green, pink, and brown, so we'll use green.

An English-style velvet armchair in green will look amazing.

For some brown accents, we'll use a fluted coffee table, a great affordable alternative to more expensive ones.

We can't ignore the gray completely, so for lighting, we'll mix a warm brass reading lamp with a gray stone table lamp to reference the floors.

Finally, we'll add some decorative accents that match our color palette, and just like that, we've transformed the living room.

You can find all these items and more at Home Depot's home section.

Do you have gray flooring? What have you done to balance the color in your rooms? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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