New Hearth & Hand and Studio McGee Spring 2024 Collections

There is nothing more exciting than discovering home decor collections that you truly love. With a lot of intentional thought put behind them, collections are created by innovative designers who curate a variety of decor pieces that you can mix and match to create an eclectic vibe at home.

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

With that in mind, we're going to be talking about the new Studio McGee Spring 2024 collection, and Hearth and Hand Spring 2024 with Magnolia collection (in collaboration with Chip and Joanna Gaines). Both can be found at Target.

Studio McGee Spring 2024

Moody Trees framed wall canvas board

1. Moody Trees framed wall canvas board

First up is the 16 x 12-inch Moody Trees framed wall canvas board with a gold frame. While I do love the print, I am not sure if I would buy it or not.

Ceramic brown candle with knob lid

2. Ceramic brown candle with knob lid

I love this little ceramic brown candle with a knob lid. It is a two-wick candle, and after you burn it, you could reuse it for something else. You could probably put cotton swabs or cotton balls in it, which would be super cute.

Checkered knit with neps throw blanket

3. Checkered knit with neps throw blanket

I think I might end up grabbing this one. It has a confetti-like pattern to it and comes in four different colors.

Oversized heather square throw pillow

4. Oversized heather square throw pillow

I love the ruffled look that this pillow has on its sides. It's giving a bit of farmhouse and French country vibes. It's probably cotton but has a linen look to it.

Round marble decorative box

5. Round marble decorative box

One thing that I really love is this round marble decorative box. This one is super cute. I think this would be perfect for styling shelving or a coffee table. You could even use this in a bathroom too.

Ceramic carved bowl

6. Ceramic carved bowl

I love the ceramic carved bowl, but I'd have to see it in person because of the color. It looks kind of yellow, but it might be more neutral. If it is more neutral, I would totally grab it.

Marble bunny

7. Marble bunny

This little guy right here is so cute. If you're into decorating for Easter, this piece would work well for that. It's so subtle, very neutral, and still aesthetic.

Woven striped throw pillow

8. Woven striped throw pillow

This woven striped throw pillow is going to be another popular item in this line. I highly recommend grabbing these. These are very pretty and I love the neutral color.

Laguna Nigel fluted wooden console table

9. Laguna Nigel fluted wooden console table

This Laguna Nigel fluted wooden console table is really cute. I love the little handles it has. It's so unique. I wish they would have done it in a different color. Maybe an aged bronze would be pretty. But I do like the playful silver. I think that's very unique and very different from what's trending right now.

Baby’s breath wreath

10. Baby’s breath wreath

This baby's breath wreath with a ribbon is so cute. As you guys know, baby's breath is trending right now. The price tag is kind of high, but I think it's a good size. I really like it.

Slope arm swivel chair velvet

11. Slope arm swivel chair velvet

It looks like they're releasing a new swivel accent chair, and it looks like it's boucle. This one's very similar to the Castlery one that is very popular at the moment. The only difference is it doesn't have the little pillow that goes to the top. I would definitely wait for this one to go on sale and then grab it.

Mixed pattern dinner plates

12. Mixed pattern dinner plates

I love these mixed-pattern dinner plates. I like all the patterns. This gives a lot of spring vibes and is very French-like as well.

Hearth and Hand Spring 2024

Here are some of the most popular items from the Hearth and Hand spring 2024 collection.

Footed marble countertop tray

1. Footed marble countertop tray

This 8 x 12-inch footed marble countertop tray is so pretty, and it’s perfect for a kitchen. I don't like the color of the wooden feet, but it is still really cute.

Brass magnifying glass

2. Brass magnifying glass

This magnifying glass is also very pretty. It's 8 inches tall, and it's a cute decorative piece that adds a bit of style, uniqueness, and history if you will.

Fluted ceramic trinket dish

3. Fluted ceramic trinket dish

I would definitely buy the fluted ceramic trinket dish in the color vintage cream. It's very tiny, but it's so cute. And looks like a glazed ceramic with little speckles and everything. It looks very handmade and I love the beautiful scallop detailing on it.

Pleated shade ceramic table lamp

4. Pleated shade ceramic table lamp

This 22-inch pleated shade ceramic table lamp is also very pretty. It has a little color. That way it kind of has a contrast with the rest of your neutral decor if you decorate like me. The pleated shade is also a bubbly one with little baby pleats. So I think that's very pretty.

Target collections for 2024

Those are my favorite items from the Studio McGee Spring 2024 and the Hearth and Hand Spring 2024 collections. Both of these curated collections can be found at Target, and you want to shop quickly before they sell out.

What items jump out at you? Share your favorites and not-so-favorites with me in the comments section.

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