10 Ways to Use Decorative Glass Canisters in Your Home

by Redeux_style

It's time for an upcycle. I scored a set of these vintage decorative glass canisters and I'm going to show you 10 ways that I would use these around my house. Check it out, it’s a game-changer.

I scored this beautiful set of L.E. Smith Moon and Star mid-century vintage glass canisters. These canisters are made for dry goods and they are food-safe. I thought we would start with that and then move on to other home decor things.

1. Snack station

This is a great way to make a little snack station for my kids. I stuff them with all different fun snacks for my kids so I have a beautiful display out on the counter that's easy for them to grab.

2. Dishwasher pod holder

I love a pretty sink so I put my dishwasher pods in them. It's just a beautiful way to add something lovely to my kitchen sink area.

3. Salt pinch bowl

I separate the set and can also use one for a beautiful, functional salt pinch bowl.

4. Garlic clove holder

It’s also a great way to store garlic cloves for cooking, and it's super pretty.

5. Cocktail station

When we do entertain, I like to make a pretty little cocktail station so I use these canisters, especially for tequila shots. Here’s what I do:

Take a canister, take the lid off, and put the tequila bottle in it.

Take the lid, turn it on its side, and pop lemons or limes in it.

Then take another canister, take the lid off, and put a little plant in it for a little decoration or some flowers. Load the lid on its side full of salt. Then I always take my shot glasses before I entertain, and I wet the rims a little so they're already just sitting out damp and you can roll it in the salt and you're good to go for your little tequila shot.

6. Candleholder

Why not stick a candle in one and light it up? I think it looks absolutely beautiful and it's super unique.

7. Pop lights

I always put pop lights in my vintage glass for a beautiful glow without having to worry about keeping a candle lit.

8. Hairtie and jewelry storage

I take the lid off, put hair ties or anything that I need to be stored inside, and then instead of putting the lid on the normal way, I flip that lid upside down as a little catchall bowl on top. I can still lift off the lid and get whatever is inside.

9. Hanging lantern

I’m going to make a canister into a little hanging lantern. Use twine to wrap it around the upper lip of the canister lid, and wrap knots until you have it secured with four strings that you can then tie together to make a hanging lantern. Instead of twine, use silk scarves to make a beautiful hanging lantern.

10. Pet treat holder

Since these beautiful canisters are food-safe, use them for your pet treats.

Decorative glass canisters

Just one set of decorative glass canisters can make your home so much more chic and organized. Let me know if you have any glass canister decorating ideas to share! Leave a comment below.

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