10 Cute Amazon Home Decor Items For Your Space

I have an Amazon home decor haul of 10 fantastic items. One of my favorite things to do is find an everyday product that feels like a piece of great decor. That’s how I feel about all these Amazon home decor items. Let’s get started.

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Faux plant
Putting a smaller plant in a larger plant pot
Faux plant pot

1. Faux plant

This faux plant from Nearly Natural on Amazon doesn’t look fake at all. It has concrete on the bottom to hold it steady in my pot. I will probably get some moss to tuck into the pot to make it look even more real. This pot has that worn antique look and this airy faux greenery looks perfect in it.

“Lose the Shoes” doormat
Doormat on the porch
Brass and glass storage box

2. Doormat

This “Lose the Shoes” doormat from Creative Co-Op is a great item to layer over a larger mat for your front entry but we are using it on our little small back deck area. Just beware it’s a little rough on bare feet! We have one of this company’s beautiful floral doormats on our front porch.

3. Memory box

I recently got a photo printer and I think I’ll add one to the cover of this brass and glass storage box, also from Creative Co-Op. This is a very trendy box that you’ll find a million uses for and it’s beautiful.

Tape measure
Gold tape measure

4. Tape measure

I bought myself a tape measure! And… it’s also a piece of decor. I love this little tape measure from Park Hill Collections. It’s also small, very flexible, and pretty compared to the ones you can get at your local hardware store.

Cement bowl

5. Cement bowl

I bought this darling little cement bowl from 47th & Main to put in my pie safe. When I ordered it, I thought it was going to be bigger but I’m glad it’s not because it fits better.

Glass vase

6. Glass vase

Each one of these glass vases from the Park Hill Collection is different. I appreciate that you will never get a product that someone else already has. I feel like it is a quality item that will grow old with me. I love focusing on those types of products that look like they will age well and stay around forever.

Decorative mug with a bee design
Decorative mug with sage green trees

7. Decorative mugs

This set of four cups includes sage green trees, pale orange flowers, bumble bees, and beehives. If you like displaying your mugs, these cups from Creative Co-Op are just precious. To be perfectly honest, it’s tough for me to drink coffee out of these because they are a little too small for me so my hands feel the hot cup. But that’s just me–I have super sensitive skin!

Mango wood tray

8. Wood tray

This mango wood tray from Creative Co-Op is styled on my ottoman. I keep my controller, a wood heart, and a magnifying glass on the tray.

Metal side table
Black martini table

9. Side table

This little metal side table can be easily added to a tiny space that needs a little oomph. It’s a little martini table from Creative Co-Op. I added it between an accent chair and a sofa. It’s a clean, simple look. Be patient on delivery–this is a popular, well-priced item that took a few weeks for delivery.

Faux linen curtains

10. Curtains

We have new blackout curtains in our bedroom that I love so I got them for our front room. I only had Roman shades and I prefer curtains. These faux linen curtains are from TWOPAGES on Amazon and they are custom-sized to fit our windows. I can’t wait to put them up–they will go here (see above).

Amazon home decor

That’s my latest Amazon home decor haul. You can tell I love Creative Co-Op’s items! Let me know your favorite find on this list by leaving a comment below. Also, let me know if you’ve found some great Amazon home decor items that you have in your home!

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