Ultimate Home Staging of an Eichler-Style Home

Join us today as we stage this beautiful California home before it goes on the market. Home staging can make a huge impact, both on the level of interest you receive in your home and in the price it ultimately sells for.

As we walk you around this property with you today, you’re sure to pick up plenty of tips and tricks to stage your own home and increase its wow factor before you list it on the market.

First off, let’s move outside. While curb appeal gets lots of attention, backyards are just as important when it comes to the sale of your home.

This is the patio set that they will be painting, and this goes to the front of the house.

Here is a second patio set over here on the other side of the spacious deck. We can turn it the other way and make an even nicer lounging area for the family and guests.

Moving into the home, many of the lights are staying right where they are, like this one in the kitchen.

And this one in the living room.

The light way over there in the living room is getting moved into the bedroom.

Going into the master bedroom now, this light will soon be gone as we make room for the other light coming in here.

Across from the queen bed, there is a dresser area and a closet with a sliding door.

The rods and curtains are coming down as well.

This bed has a bench, which is fine.

The art stays but we can put it somewhere.

The bathroom has been remodeled, so we can't change this to a mid-century modern look.

This wing cabinet is a built-in that is attached to the wall. And this is the master.

Going down the hall to the other two bedrooms, this one has a queen-sized bed right now, but it leads out to the front atrium so it will become an office.

The rods are coming down and the curtain is as well. The desk would have to be along the back wall or the long wall to clear the door. We could have, let's say, a small accent chair back in the corner where the night stand is now.

Or, I don't know, we could have an accent chair here by the current desk or a stool.

The third bedroom is going to stay blue, all of the paint colors in the home are staying.

This bed here is a queen, and it's going to go along the wall like you see here. That's where it’s staying.

The curtains and the rods are coming down in here too.

The large artwork stays.

And the smaller artworks stay too, but we could move them around to other parts of the room.

This is a queen bed, and I think only one small nightstand would fit next to it. I'll measure the wall and see.

This is the bathroom. The art above the toilet will be gone.

The storage cabinet is a built-in, so that's not going anywhere.

Here is the new light in the living room.

This new dining table looks good.

And here is a shot of the kitchen.

These pillows look great with the outdoor furniture.

And the blue bedroom is in the process of getting a makeover. Ready to see some before and afters?

Here is the before of one side of the living room.

And here is the after. What a difference! Staging really does work.

Here is the before of the other side of the living room.

And here is the after.

Don’t forget about the kitchen. It definitely needed an upgrade.

And it sure got one.

Here is the before of the small bedroom.

And here it is as a new office space. Talk about an improvement.

You can’t upgrade one bedroom and forget about the other. Here is the before of the master bedroom.

And here is how it looks now. So much better.

The master bathroom got a makeover too. Here is what it looked like before we came in and started changing things up.

And here is what it looked like when we were done.

The blue bedroom needed some love as well. Just look at the before.

And now, the after.

Here is the second bath before.

And how it turned out after.

Lastly, here is the patio before.

And the amazing patio after.

Yet another before.

And a gorgeous after.

Home staging

We hope you enjoyed this incredible home staging tour. All it really takes to stage a home properly is having a clear vision, knowing how to repurpose pieces you already have at your disposal, and bringing in new pieces to fill in all the gaps.

What surprised you most about this ultimate home staging tour? Share the staging strategy we used here that you would never think of in the comments section.

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  • Swo67070684 Swo67070684 on May 22, 2024
    You kept commenting to take curtain rods and curtains down but then took pictures from different angles on everything. Would have been nice to actually see the before and after exactly the same! Overall most was nice! Thanks
  • Melanie Melanie on May 23, 2024
    You're 'Before and After' photos are extremely confusing...I couldn't finish reviewing them! Your decor talent seems excellent, but we don't know. Take your 'Before and After' photos at the same angle and of the same portion of the room, Honey! 😉