3 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

I am Vanessa Nielsen from Encore Staging Services. I have three tips for getting your home ready for sale. I'm excited to share with you the transformation we did to this property today.

Main room

The transformation we did to this room was incredible. There were old wall sconces that provided not too much lighting, and then we took off the outdated valances.

Then, we opted for recess lights for a more modern and bright feel, and we also painted the walls with light. So now you have a much brighter, lighter room that looks almost brand new.

So now we get to this piece.

What is it? Is it a phone booth? Do you put your phone here? You put your purse and your keys. So here we are with this weird thing. What do we do?

We bring in a lovely succulent arrangement.

Before, this was one great big room, which is fantastic, but how do you show different functions? How do you separate the space and really make each area functional?

So we decided to create this as a sitting area to watch TV and where the kids can play games.


The kitchen is one of the most essential areas of the house, and it's highly functional, but we don't want to show the daily functions. We want to clear off the counter space. We want to clear off everything to highlight the unique finishes and appliances.

So here, the kitchen looks even grander, and you can see the beautiful countertops. You can see the upgraded appliances by clearing away the clutter.

Preparing for the staging process

I have Brad Gill with me at Nextome Lifestyles. He's taking a look behind the scenes at the staging process. Brad asked why we chose to stage a house. Like when you're here, what are some of the things you're doing to the home? What's so important about home staging?

My answers are simple: it is so important because when we walk through our property, we take a look at the key features we want to highlight and the areas that are not so desirable or not as updated; we want to deflect from that.

So specifically, when I'm coming through to do a consultation for a client ahead of time, I have some recommendations I would make.

1. Wall colors and condition of the home

While going through the home, I would notice the wall colors or the condition of the home.

2. Lighting and functionality

The lighting, is it adequate? I think the functions of the space are very important.

I have some quick tips that I want to share to help a seller prepare for a home stager coming through and staging their home. It's easy enough.

3. The best thing you can do is declutter.

Let go. Some pieces are sentimental to us, yet at the same time, we are preparing our home for the show. So we want to let go. Get some friends, get some wine, get a pod. Clear things out so you aren't moving clutter with you to a new location.

Be open to a more minimal presentation. We try to please as many potential buyers as possible, which means your personal style will be different than the style in your home once it's staged.

I hope my tips for getting your home ready for sale will help you sell your home quickly. What do you have as your most significant project to get your home ready for selling? Share in the comments below.

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  • I'm a maximalist, not junk horder. I know how to stage my home with tons of decor and it always sells on the first day for full price! My buyers always ask for some of my items too! Empty boring spaces don't sell that fast.