4 Important Styling Tips for Selling Your Home

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

Today, I am sharing styling tips for selling your home. They are very effective when you want to sell your home for above the asking price. These tips are easy and achievable and will not break the bank.

1. Update your home

So, one of the first tips I want to share is that when you consider putting your home up for sale, it's almost non-negotiable to make updates. You cannot put your house up for sale without making updates.

If you have an older home that has sat for 10, 15, or 20 years without it being updated, you'll probably have a long time selling the home because people only see dollar signs of replacing all of those things you failed to do.

Updated kitchen

I always believe, and I think a lot of real estate agents will also agree to this, that one of the major selling points is kitchens, primarily because kitchens are where most people come and gather, families come and gather.

So people love a well-designed, comfortable kitchen. One of the things that you want to consider when you are updating an outdated kitchen is to paint your cabinets. It's a very cost-effective way to refresh the cabinetry without spending thousands of dollars.

When we updated our kitchen before selling our home, we needed to repair the backsplash.

Updating tiles in the kitchen

We just bought some basic subway tile that gave the kitchen a clean French bakery-type look.

Updating window treatments

You can also refresh your kitchen by updating the blinds or the curtains that have been there for many years. Curtains are another game changer. Curtains can completely transform your space in an instant.

Updated hardware in a kitchen

Another important key when refreshing your kitchen on a budget is to consider changing the hardware.

All of the hardware we used in our kitchen refresh was from Amazon. We changed all of our hardware to brushed brass, which elevated the kitchen and made it look much more expensive than before.

2. Clear your space out

One of the other important keys to selling your home is to thin your space out. It needs to be thinned out mainly because even as a minimalist that I was, and even as big as the house was, I still had too much stuff. Things were stored in hallways, bedrooms, basements, and basement closets.

If you have a jam-packed closet or busy bedroom, consider pulling most of that stuff out. The last thing you want is for a buyer to feel anxious or deterred from being in the space because there's just so much stuff crammed there.

People feel a lot when they walk through a home. It's just like if you were to go to a spa. If you go to a spa, you are invited to soft music, dim lights, neutral tones, and scents. It becomes a created, inviting environment.

Likewise, when buying a home, you envision yourself living there. You're thinking about your kids growing up there, you're thinking about the holidays and your family gathering there. When preparing your house for sale, you have to consider other people's assessment of your space. If it's crammed with things, it may overwhelm them, and they want to get out of there as fast as possible.

If you have the budget, you can rent a small storage container or devise another creative solution to store your things elsewhere. Whatever you have to do, do it.

Neutral color palette in interior design

3. Neutral color palette

One of my favorite tips is to keep the color palette neutral within the home. If you already have color, pattern, and wallpaper, I'm not saying the house won't sell, but we want to sell that house quickly and get top dollar.

I'm not saying that your house is not going to sell with dark tones, wallpaper, and prints. I am saying that if you want to sell your house for top dollar and you want to sell it quickly, following these keys will get you there.

Curved neutral couch

Keeping a neutral palette is very inviting. It's soft. It's serene. It's tranquil.

That's what you want the potential buyers to experience when they walk through your home. If there are patterns and loud tones, it could overwhelm them.

Typically, buyers want a very peaceful place. They're moving for whatever reasons, and they want home to feel home. When we view homes, we are attracted to those with pretty white kitchens. It's very soft on the eyes. It's easy to have a pleasant experience when everything seems calm.

Outdoor space as a first impression

4. Consider your outdoor space

Your outdoor space is as equally important as how it looks on the outside as on the inside. Maybe a little bit more because that's the first impression when you pull up to the house itself.

One of the things I did was to ensure that I had my grass trimmed almost every week in the summer months. If you cannot be in the home during that time, make sure that you go through a lawn service. It is a little bit of an upkeep charge, but it'll all come back to you when you sell your house for maximum dollar.

So look at that as a small investment, keeping your grass trimmed.

Styled deck space

Another thing you want to do is add charm and a wow factor to your patios and your deck spaces.

If you have a deck or a patio, you have a beautiful outdoor entertaining space; that is where the buyer will spend a few minutes mulling it over.

Outdoor space

They're going to envision family gatherings and barbecues, and lots and lots of time spent outdoors is essential to people, especially if they have large families or love entertaining.

So, adding character and charm to those spaces will maximize the value. It's going to get you quick offers.

Styling tips for selling your home

I hope that you enjoyed these styling tips for selling your home and you can put these tips into practice. If you want to sell your home quickly and maximize the amount you will get for that home, follow these tips.

What tips do you have for selling your home fast? Share in the comments below.

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