Modern White Christmas Decor: Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to the 25 Days of Christmas Home Tour series. I hope this series brings you joy, inspiration, and extra love into your home this Christmas season! Today, we're sharing a tour from Amber Zimmer:

Today, I want to show you the modern white Christmas decor I have featured in my beautiful white farmhouse. I am Christmas-obsessed. This is our second Christmas in our home, so we tried some new things out this year, and I already have some ideas for next year as well.

When we were designing our home, the number one must-have for me was tall ceilings so that we could have a tall Christmas tree. I've always been Christmas obsessed, and ever since I was a little girl, I just always wanted that tall Christmas tree.

So this is my favorite part of our Christmas decorations on the inside: my Christmas tree.

Outside decor

Before I showcase my tree, let's start with the outside. Starting this summer, I was searching for some nutcrackers for the front porch, and I really wanted some vintage wooden ones.

Nutcracker statues on the porch

As it got closer, I knew I wasn't going to find those, but I was happy to find these two nutcrackers.

Carousel horse for Christmas decor

I also found this carousel, and so now this horse carousel is probably my favorite decoration for the front of the house.

Ornaments in planters

By the front doors, I just threw in large ornaments to add a little bit of fun and a pop of color.

House lit up for Christmas

Before we move on inside, you have to see it lit up at nighttime.

I am definitely wanting to add some more lights next year, but I do love the look of icicle lights. The nutcrackers do light up, but I just prefer the look of them when they're not.

Living room decor

Living room decor

Let's move on to the inside. We rearrange our living room when it's Christmas time.

Couch decorated for Christmas

We moved our couch and how it's situated.

We move almost every piece of furniture. The whole reason we did not do built-ins is for this Christmas tree, so we moved furniture during the Christmas season for the tree.

I thought about adding some snowflakes hanging down from the wall, but that may be a project for next year.

Shelves with photos and artwork
Mini Christmas trees and a Santa painting

I keep it pretty simple over here with some kid crafts, old Christmas pictures, Christmas trees, and a painting done by a friend.

Kitchen decorated for Christmas

Kitchen decor

I love the simple, delicate wreaths tied on by a black ribbon.

If you look out off our back deck, you can see another one of my favorite Christmas decorations for the year.

Christmas tree on the lake

We have a tree out on the lake.

We'll walk out here and get a little closer look. It looks like the anchor has come loose on one of the sides. It's been pretty windy this weekend, but it stays out there in the middle and is lit up at night.

Lake Christmas tree lit up at night

I couldn't show you the tree without showing it to you also at nighttime

Decorated Christmas tree

Inside decor

My main tree is a little bit of a fancier tree, but I always add in our wooden ornaments. I order new ones every year for memories of that year.

I'm also a photographer.

Photos of kids in matching pyjamas

So, of course, I have to display pictures from throughout the years of the matching PJs.

Garlands along the staircase

This garland gave me the biggest headache of the year, I'm not gonna lie.

I kept ordering things, but they kept going out of stock, so this is a mixture of what I could get, but I really like how it turned out.

Kids' Christmas artwork

As you go up the stairs, I display some artwork my kids have done through the years.

I love getting out old things for the holidays that they've done,

Christmas decor lit up at night

Now, we need to see it lit up at nighttime.

Christmas tree with homemade ornaments

This tree at the top of the stairs has all of the homemade ornaments that my kids have done and, then again, more pictures of them throughout the years.

Christmas tree by the fireplace

This is my favorite spot to be this time of the year, in front of the fireplace, looking at the Christmas tree.

Modern Christmas decor

Do you decorate with modern Christmas decor? What are your favorite decorations? Let me know in the comments below.

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